Warning: Star Wars 7 spoilers...

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  1. 1: Kylo ren is Han and Leia's son.

    2: Kylo ren kills Han Solo in the end.

    3: Don't worry, Jar Jar Binks isn't in here.

    4: Luke Skywalker is in here...
    4 1/2 Movie plot!!!!: Leia's best pilot sets off with his droid, BB-8, to retrieve a clue to Luke's location but gets captured by the first order. Before he gets captured, he gives the clue to BB-8 who must bring it back to base before he gets captured too.
  2. The movie has very little special effects. I didnt like it cause that. Same ships, same guns. Nothing new(except the fire on the side of the saber, but it isnt much)

    Star wars episode 3, the first 8 min has more special effects than all the movie of The force awakens
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  3. That's what made the movie good to me. It reminded me of the first (The real first) three movies. I thought JJ Abrams replicated the old feel that die-hard Star Wars fans love.

    Now, the plot was extremely predictable. All of it. There was really nothing that surprised me at any point so far as the plot of the movie went. I mean, Han and Kylo walk out on a rail-less bridge over a sci-fi variation of a nuclear reactor and stand there. I was also pretty disappointed that they felt the need to bring back yet another Death Star to get blown up.

    It's pretty much just a remake of the original 3 movies (IV, V & VI). The acting was superb, the special effects/touches of 3d were nice, and getting to go see a Star Wars movie in theatres made my day.
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  4. ja ja binks next sith lord confirmed
  5. A new hope remastered
  6. Overall I thought it was a great movie, though it was pretty predictable. The main story of blowing up the new death star thing was waay too rushed though. They spent 45 minutes of the movie making Finn into a good guy, and it took half that to learn about the new death star, find a way to destroy it, and actually do so. I hope the timing of scenes are more balanced in the next 2 movies. Otherwise, I nearly cried when the melenium fulcon showed up on screen. I will definitely rate this one of the top 4 star wars movies.