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  1. emc servers are not leting me and many others joining this NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE it say failed to login in to serever with a link, your username and some codes i tried to join many other of our emc servers to yet the same code appear i even tried join even other servers but yet the same code this is not for just staff though this is a warning for everyone
  2. when i say this never happened before i am not sure about that all i know is that ive never seen this happen
  3. It's just a problem with Mojang. It'll be up soon :)
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  4. This will be closed soon
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  5. The login servers are down. They will be up again soon, and the reason people are on is becaues they were on before the servers were down.
  6. when can we play?
  7. When it's fixed. :)
  8. i found a soultion all we have to do is at the begininng at the hour you can join for some reason so get on emc at the beginning of the next hour and stay on
  9. Sorry to break it to you, this has happened at least twice. Someone is DDos attacking Mojang. (See info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack about what a DDos is. This should be fixed soon.
  10. about how long does it take for the login servers to go back on line
  11. As soon as the attackers want it to. Which won't be happening any time soon. :( :( :( :(
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  12. Logins are up, but Minecraft sessions are down.
  13. woh woh woh go back so the ddos is practially tring to stop mojang?
  14. Indeed, it's a pathetic way of going about it too.
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  15. you guys need to try to join 2 a half minutesa after a hour and your log in should not fail i got into emc because of that so try for your selves
  16. You were probably just lucky there, not a legitimate way of getting on.
  17. i know it's VERY pathetic i wish to knock the sense in to the people doing the ddos but man i have to say the have determination to stop mojang i just don'rt appriciate that fact though
  18. when will they fix it?
  19. Please stop posting this. You posted this 4 times I think today , so please when the attackers give up we'll play.