Warn supporters of 48 hour delay

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  1. I think its just crazy that the page where you pay with cash to become a supporter doesn't tell you that you could be waiting 48hours+ before your supporter status goes through. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has paid to become a supporter then spent an hour only to find out that I won't be able to use what I just paid for for a very unreasonable amount of time. Especially when I'm paying almost as much as the game costs for one month of privilege... The wait time is crazy in and of itself so please at least warn us on the page where we decide to spend our real money.
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  2. My supportership status became active within seconds of purchasing :p
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  3. If you mean supporter vouchers (as normal subscriptions are instant) the Admins need to manually add the supportership to your account. Because it's done by people, it can take some time.
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  4. Mine became active in seconds as well.... :p
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  5. It has been almost two days and I paid cash, not a voucher.

    I was told by a moderator that it may take up to 48 hours and iirc I'm really close to that 48 hours.
  6. What did you do?

    1. Go to supporter page
    2. Choose your package
    3. It redirects you to paypal where you hit confirm payment
    4. Payment goes through, you are supporter.

    Which of these steps went wrong? xD
  7. That is exactly what happened the part that went wrong is that there was no warning that it could happen 48 hours later and after searching on the forums for almost an hour I messaged a mod and they told me it could be up to 48 hours. Not being told such before purchase and the needless time spent trying to figure out why it hadn't happened is ridiculous. It would be less ridiculous if you warned before hand, hence the thread, but still ridiculous.
  8. I remember the first time I supported it took about 12 hours, but we had a warning.
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  9. Best to start a convo with krsyys and she will invite aikar and max into it to get things straight.
    Here's a link:http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=krysyyjane9191
  10. Thats what I suggested, a warning. Starting a convo with krysyy and/or aikar may fix my current situation(personally) but it doesn't fix the problem that my suggestion addresses, that the warning is not there at all.
  11. AND apparently I got the voucher which isn't the upgrade which... annoying. Anyways, warning that its a voucher and will not be applied instantly would be nice also. I guess I will be selling a voucher as I'm too annoyed to wait any longer and apparently I need to click the upgrade button that looks like it is part of a diagram instead of a button. Still less than happy about this whole ordeal.. which was supposed to be exciting because: yay im a diamond supporter now and have helped the server and get some cool perks.
  12. If you purchase the voucher from the drop down menu, it is mailed to you in game automatically.
    If you set up a recurring subscription, that is also automatic.
    If you use the manual payment option, you would send what you want for that amount to me in a convo.
    This is all explained in the supporter page.
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  13. there are 901 words on the empireminecraft.com/upgrade page. Expecting everyone that wants to upgrade to read every bit is impractical. Making it more user-friendly so that these kind of problems arise less makes more sense than just expecting everyone to read everything, which I think we can all agree will never happen. Also, the dropdown menu for the vouchers and the slider for the rupee purchasing seems pretty obvious how it works, straightforward and to the point. Having the upgrade buttons embedded in the diagram with a "Manual payment" button that doesn't specify what it does and having no item name on the paypal transaction is at best, confusing. I'm sure not everyone has this issue but I seriously doubt I am the first or of a "rare" breed that has this issue. Upgrading to supporter and purchasing other items should probably be on different pages completely. Gift vouchers/buying rupees and buying supporter(or subscribing) would be much more difficult to confuse if they weren't stacked within the same page. I'm not just trying to play devils advocate. I truly feel like the design on this should at the very least be looked at if not addressed.
  14. They are in different sections with very clear headings for 'One-Time Purchase Items'. The manual payment could use a little bit more clarifying, but it clearly says to pm the receipt id if you send it.

    There really isn't a simpler system for that page without introducing more complexity (and it's already pretty detailed).
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