[Wanting] 2D Player signed books. Look below! Win a 2013 Empire NY Firework!

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  1. Hello guys! I am needing 2DC of Player Signes books, by you!

    I require 2 books by every person who wants to do it!

    1 Book you can write anything you want! This will be in my leaving EMC giveaway. It might be a token to redeem a free Diamond, or a 15% of my Service for 1 order, or a buy one get one free. It can be a story, a simple Hello, the options are Endless!

    For the other book, I would like it to be addressed to me, saying goodbye to me, as I am leaving EMC, it can say anything about me leaving EMC, from I have been a good friend, or something like "I barely knew you, but you sounded awesome Cause HashtagYolo" just something along those lines :p I want this to go in a little time capsule. I will vote every now and then so I don't lose my res. this means I can open this time capsule in EXACTLY 1 year of my leaving EMC. Guess what, that means I will be coming back to EMC for even 1 day! What I will then do with those books is up to you! Leave the comment below!

    I will be happy to supply the book and quill if you don't have it!

    There will be a drop of chest at 14104 Smp7 for you to drop the books off :)

    I will also sell the "Book and Quill's" there if you don't have it, I will setup the hoppers as normal.

    Either PM me if you need to ask me something, or catch me in-game!

    The best comment with what to do with the books in 1 year time, will win a prize. That prize will be a 2013 Empire New Years Firework! So leave your comment below! The comments for the prize will end in exactly 2 weeks from this post!

    Thank you everyone! everyone you donates their 2 books will be listed here on this thread! Check out my leaving EMC Auction Thread, to give me ideas on what I should do for the Auctions!

    Please comment below also how I should do my Giveaway. I am having a lot of giveaways, from money, to my head, to personally signed books!

    Stay tuned!

    Note: You must sign the 2 books to be eligible to win the Firework! But that's not hard! Get involved!


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  2. As of tomorrow (I have work soon on a 45 degree day :/) I will be signing my own book for everyone that has donated theirs. Thank you all! I have 3 sets so far!
  3. Books are now for Sale (2 for 5) for you to write both books.
    And the hoppers to put the books in are now avaliable :)
  4. Will do this later today :)
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  5. I never sign books for people, and if I do it's a really special circumstance such as a DP. I think though, since you're leaving for such a great cause and you've been an amazing friend on EMC, I'll sign a book for you :)

    Also if you're afraid of loosing the residence, I can do 2 things for you. I can either vote for you every now and then so you don't have to, or I could make you an access chest in my HQ so you can always access them :)
  6. Sounds good! Book and Quill are 2 for 5 at 14104 :D Just drop in chest when done :D

    Your too kind dude! Yeah I will vote as well, just so I don't loose my res so I can open it again in a year :D I will probably let a select few have flags to do what they want with the res as well :p
    Cya in game :p
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  7. I'm only writing one book, I've dropped the other one in the hoppers for you to put back into stock. :)
  8. #Bump! xD #2fab4u -alyattayla
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  9. Donated!
    Melons and cats!
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  10. Okay, I'll try to make some time for this;)
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  11. Thanks! :D
  12. When you come back, you should have a drop party where you drop the books!
  13. No:p There are personal things written in them.
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  14. I meant the ones you write random things in not the goodbye letters.
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  15. That's what they are there for :p
  16. Ahh.
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  17. You should take the personal books and give them back to the players with a book from you that says you appreciate it and maybe a personal message. I think that would be the most thoughtful and coolest thing to do with them.
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  18. Yeah I was thinking of doing something like this :p
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