[Wanted SKIN] 5000 rupees! Make an "Andy Murray" skin for me, within 2 hours of now

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  1. Make a skin that looks like Andy Murray within the next two hours, and I'll pay 5000 rupees.

    It's gotta look something like him, of course; in his blue tennis outfit.

    Try for the buck-teeth and silly haircut :p

    If you need more images to work from... turn on your TV :)
  2. tried my best couldnt get the logos to work:

    Need any others ask me ;) and also if it needs tweaks ask me, I made a VERY BASIC program that will let me make/edit mc skins

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  3. I can't believe he won against Federer. My whole family plays tennis.
  4. Nice work Sir/Ma'am!

    I just paid you 5000r :)

    We have a winner, thanks!
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  5. Yay!!! Thank you!! :D btw its sir :p
  6. I'm not making a skin of Andy Murray, he's a gimp :p
  7. So here I am, in my new skin. :)

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  8. Dislike cause you have Internet Explorer.
  9. I took the picture. And I use Chrome. If you notice how the Chrome logo there has a little transparent square around it, that means it's open. Behind the MC game...

    Edit: I just unpinned it from the toolbar.
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  10. I didn't take the pic, silly :p

    Firefox FTW, internet exploder sucks.
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  11. :) Nice,

    And thanks for taking the pic for me, topdawg! Excellent stuff.
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  12. Yes, although I prefer Google Chrome. Been using that for years.

    Edit: No problem! :)
  13. Opps! just noticed no shoes, want any?
  14. Nah, it's cool, I like it :)

    It was only for t3h lulz - impressive though, to get it so fast here :)

    Anyway, the silly person lost his 2nd (doubles) game, heh :) So I'll be back to my "UK flag" skin soon.

    Murray... when he wins, he's a Brit; when he loses, he's a Scot :p

    Go Team GB :)
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  15. Still have it installed.
  16. Still have windows installed too. Embarrassing, but useful.
  17. Hmm. So according to you guys, 12MAEC and Herbrin, when I uninstall I.E. and get a Mac computer (laptop preferably) I'll be the top of the line in terms of computer technology? :p
  18. No Mac's aren't good get a Big Mac.
  19. i still have IE