[Wanted] Redstone Builder

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  1. I want something built but it needs a lot of redstone and I HATE redstone. If anyone could do it for me I will pay 1k and I will supply everything and there is a yt tutorial.
  2. What are you building?
  3. Yea, bit more info?
  4. I can help you with (lamp) screens easy and fast Doors (smp1 1145 sometheng Like That) I'm also pritty Well in computers... Actuly everything but piston Doors bigger as 4x... And I'm bad in making it small and cheap (the biggest screen I have made is 20x12 pixels one redstone lamp 1 pixel TOUTCH screen (I don't want to build That it is 400x200x80 so far...)

    So if you need something what isn't a piston door bigger as 4x... I would Like it to help you.
  5. I will help. I throughly enjot working with redstone.
  6. I like working with redstone, and I'm really good with it, but it looks like you've got a bunch of people already after the job.
  7. I could make a convincing point why I should be the redstone builder. Come to residence 1932 on smp 1 to see what I built. This is completely my design. None of it came from YouTube, or any other pages on the internet, and it works pretty well.
  8. Okay tell me when you can get on
  9. I can basically get on any time today. By the way, I made an improved version of that thing on 1932. It works much better, holds more chests, and takes up less space.

    I can play between 12 PM and 11 PM PST tomorrow and the day after.
  10. Can you get on tomorrow at 5 PM EST?
  11. No. I'll be in school.
  12. if you are intrested in those autofurnances visit 10175 at smp5 :)