[WANTED] 184 sticky pistons.

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  1. Title says it. I need 184 of them, and i need them at a good price. No ripoffs:p
    I now need 200 repeaters=D
  2. Well, 10216 sells pistons
  3. I have the stickys at 14869 on smp7. Feel free to make an offer if you think the price is a "rip off".
  4. I have 21 on smp2, not in shop though
  5. Sticky Pistons at 18754 on smp9
  6. Ok, so i need 136 more. Im checking out all the shops posted too:)
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  7. why would you need this many
  8. 12006 smp6 - 60r each
  9. Etho style ice farm, of course xD I got all of them, it was wayyy quicker than i expected! Thanks for all the responses:)
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  11. Is it in Town? If it is and you don't mind, post to this thread when you're done so I can come see it.
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  12. I will post the res # and a (hopefully) decent picture of it:)
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  13. Ok so now i need... 200 repeaters:D
  14. try smp9 19000 solves all your redstone and piston needs
  15. I checked there, but 19 per repeater is a bit much, i usually get them for 6 (which i know is a crazy price), so i prefer them to be under 11 a piece
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  16. well you can always work out a deal if you pm him
  17. I will look into that if i cant find them at small stores:)
  18. Slime for 25r at 1004 smp1
  19. Do you sell repeaters?
  20. If you haven't found your repeaters yet, I have those also at lot 14869, smp7. If you definitely want them, I'll set up a chest so you don't have to clickety-click 200 times.
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