Want to become Iron supporter, but have no credit card.

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  1. Hi there.

    I have a paypal acount with about 60$ on it.
    How come i cannot pay 5$ to become iron supporter?
    It wont let me until i register a credit card which i do not have.
    How to solve this problem?

  2. From my experience PayPal lets you pay with whichever method you desired, whether from credit card, direct from savings account, or money held in PayPal account. It seems weird it is demanding a credit card.

    Edit: Unless it is asking for a credit card to verify your account before it allows you to make certain types of payments.
  3. Could it be because the payment type is "monthly" instead of single payment?
    This causes paypal to require that i need to be verified (bank or credit card). (?)

    Maybe empireminecraft should change the payment type?

  4. I can look into if I can change this with PayPal. Until then you can send payment to payments@kallandlabs.com and then private message me on the site (click on my name) and I will manually activate the supporter subscription for however long you want ($5 USD for 1 month Iron. $10 USD for two, etc).
  5. Haha I won't change that, but I think it is ridiculous they make you add a CC even if you have a PayPal balance.
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  6. Mom got my credit card :(:confused::mad:
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  8. You can pay with a credit card without a PayPal account, but it is still PayPal handling all the merchant processing behind the scenes.

    What do you mean by gift codes Eragon132?
  9. I think he means gift vouchers like you sometimes get for shops, to become a supporter