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  1. I have a series on YouTube called Girls DO Play Minecraft. A group of friends (consisting of Aurobora, Katrina_Linden, LexiLopezi, Happyello—just whoever's on Skype when we need to record, lol) go onto servers or play maps together and record the (almost always) strange/fail results. I then edit the footage into a (hopefully) funny montage.

    Now, I really love Empire Minecraft's servers, and I was wondering if any of you were interested, we could schedule a time to record (no voice needed—our babbling will fill all the silences. ;P Typing into the Minecraft chat would be just fine) us derpin' on one of their servers. :)

    You could show us around your residence, explore with us in the Wilderness—anything! Just comment below and we can work out time differences, which EMC server to go on, etc, etc. Any questions? Just ask!

    Thanks for taking time out of your life to listen to me ramble on! ;D Ninja, AWAAAAY
  2. You should just wander around smp1 spawn.
  3. Good idea! :D Would you like to be in the video? One doesn't have to be a girl to be in the show, lol, it's called Girls DO Play Minecraft because all the commentators are usually girls. :)
  4. Nah but you should check out 205 its pretty close to spawn.
  5. I'll be in it! I just will have to type into chat. And do I have to be a girl to be in?
  6. I would be in it and would want to show my res but iam no where completed so z.z lol
  7. Interesting...
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  8. Alrightie, then! ^_^
  9. What day and time would be best for you? :D And no, you don't have to be a girl. :p Its just called Girls DO Play Minecraft because normally the commentators are girls—the guests can be any gender they want (lol). ^_^
  10. Aw. ): Well, that's okay, you could be in a future episode. :D Just post on here when you're finished, and we'll record!
  11. So ya in? :D Or not by the rainbows on your chinny chin chin? ): (HORRIBLE joke, lol, ignore me XD)
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  12. Do you have a link?
    It sounds cool :)
  13. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jhXKl2X6B-Y There you go! :) That's the episode we recorded on smp4—Be warned, we're total idiots and noobs at this kind of stuff. ;P

    ::EDIT:: Argh, the link may not work. I'm on my phone, so yeah... :(
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  14. i could help :)

    try smp2, we are the shopping district of the empire :D
  15. Yep
  16. Are you on a Mac or pc?
  17. Hm…I might participate, maybe to a video on the LLOlympics(January2013)/ tour the LLO?
  18. :D What day/time would be best for you to be in the video? We regularly play on smp2, also (although we just started two days ago XD), so you might see us on!
  19. Yay! :D
  20. LLO Olympics? Sounds amazing! :eek: Us Defectum Finis members were thinking of collaborating with the LLO. ^_^ Then again, we're still deciding... A tour of the LLO would be great, though—perhaps give us an idea of what a large organization should look like (unlike our new group, thus the name Defectum Finis XD).