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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ElectricHamstar, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Disclaimer/stopping moaning: this 100% is NOT a guarantee of anything ever. It's simply me wanting to gather ideas, and working out if there's interest - plus seeing if there's anything that interests me. :)

    Okay, so I can guarantee that I'll never do a normal "lets to a survival lets play yay! :D" video. Just playing and filming survival is boring for both me, and anyone watching.

    With that said... does anyone have any ideas for any FUN EMC videos I could potentially make? By fun, I mean fast paced, with little down time - as well as stuff that'd appeal to Minecrafters in general, not just EMCers. Even if your idea seems impossible (as in filming wise, not technically wise), please still post it, as I might still be able to work something out.

    Also, if I did do this, would you guys actually be interested in watching it? It'd probably be a frequentish series sorta thing, if it happened.

  2. something like the EMC Hunger games thing i believe you hosted that one time? dont remember who hosted it, but I would like to see something like that
  3. Amen to that.

    I cannot really think of something that would be fun for me to watch in EMC. I am into those videos people do in groups, much like the Yogscast's MoonQuest/MarsQuest/JaffaQuest/Hole Diggers
    Try your best not to make the video too long or it will be boring.
  4. "Sports Commentary"-style presentation of minigames like Fire Floor and Creature Capture, bookended by the commentators at a desk in true ESPN fashion. Go the extra mile and throw up leaderboard graphics and the like?

    "And the floor's dropped under Bloxman! Down he goes! Just Benji and Walton left on the sand now..."
    "Walton's looking good so far but Benji's won two of the last three Floors he's competed in. Don't count him out until his feet are on fire, Jack!"

    ...you get the idea.
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  5. You could find a res that is very full and has lots places to hide and play hide and go seek.
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  6. Shouldn't you be worrying about/studying for your exams rather than making new videos?
  7. Are the Youtuber titles still being handed out?
  8. He has SOME free time.
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  11. I think he only mentions is because you hardly are around here because of the claimed exams, but then you have been actively posting videos and updates on 'another server' while the new contribution team members here have been sitting around waiting for you to 'teach' us I guess. At least that was what I was told when I got invited in.

    To me, it just looks like you gave up on EMC honestly, someone has to say it.
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  12. To be clear, I have received NO notification that I'm supposed to be training any contribution team members. If I'd got even something as simple as a message, I'd have more than happily helped. Honestly, I'm pretty annoyed if it's been said that I'm supposed to be doing things which I haven't been told I need to do.

    I'd say that within a week, yes, I've posted 4 videos. I'm completely allowed to do that. Things that take 15 minutes to film, and around 30 minutes to edit take up pretty much no time in total, especially since I can do other stuff while editing. Also note that this is the only week that this has started happening, because stuff's started to slow down now.

    You'll notice my presence on another server has SIGNIFICANTLY dropped too, to the extent where I've hardly been in-game. Even moderation logs there show me as being pretty much dead. You can ask anyone who's staff there, who'll confirm a grand total of 0 updates have been pushed out by me while inactive, aside from the typical editing a single line of code.
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  13. Don't worry, you didn't. :)
  14. No problems here Hamster. We all know that you are busy. You were never expected to teach the contributors. That is what Rainbowchin, AlexChance, and I have been doing. Get back to your school work though =P
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