Want a Bigdavie head?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BigDavie, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. I am often approached and asked by players for my head to add to their collection. Sadly I have to disappoint them and tell them that I only give my head out as a prize in events. So I have decided to add my head as the prize for the first player to reach the end of my new and improved maze within the diamond pyramid to the south of /town.

    At the end there is a chest with a single Bigdavie head in it, there is a shop sign above the chest selling the head for 1r.

    Have fun!
  2. first :p and am doing it now :D
  3. Won't be able to come but good luck to everyone who attends!
  4. I'm on my way now. :cool:
  5. Well done to Deadmaster98. I am surprised it was done so fast.
  6. so close xD stupid ladder knocked me off xD
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  7. Congrats, Dead-bae! <3
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  8. Congrats Deadmaster98! :D
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  9. Congrats deadmaster :) I would've tried if I hadn't been at work lol.
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  10. :( Missed a staff head event again. :( Congratz deadmaster!
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  11. I had to get my Davie head by paying.... a bunch... for it ;)
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  12. -laughs evilly in my corner-
  13. aww I missed it :(... oh well :p
    I made the old maze once though
  14. Well done :D my new AFK spot is on top of the winning chest :D
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  15. done in 14 minutes :), noone told me about the invisible blocks though :p
  16. Is there a second place prize? XD I got there but there was nothing in the chest :(
  17. Loads of people have completed it already I'm afraid, this was done about a week ago now, sorry :p Look out for threads like this in the future, lots of staff do little events like this from time to time :)
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  18. No.
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