Wana know me bit better?

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Are you just like me?

Yes 3 vote(s) 13.0%
No 13 vote(s) 56.5%
HECK NO 7 vote(s) 30.4%
  1. Ok here are my details

    Country: New Zealand (edited)
    Age: *removed by staff
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Country: Canada
    Smp: 7
    Most money iv got: 66,090
    PS.: Iv been Temp Banned twice!! and been muted millions of times.

    Goals: Get 1,000,000r, Be a diamond supporter, Be Well known
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  2. Sorry, I don't think you can get 1,000,000,000,000 rupees :p
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  3. One million? yeah peps have more
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  4. You wrote 1 million with a k after it, which would be one billion. If I remember correctly, aikar said there was just over a billion rupees circulating on emc. Good luck with getting everyone to send you their money :p
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  5. o-o i meant 1,000,000r
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  7. Depending on the bit of the servers, it might be technologically impossible.
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  8. Why would you state you've been banned and muted many times? :confused: it just confuses me to say that =P
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  9. you can. #ANYTHING_IS_POSSIBLE.
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  10. The maxed amount of rupees is a little over 40million :p so 1 billion rupees is impossible.
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  12. Welp I might as well

    Country: USA
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Favorite country: Canadia (No not canada xD)
    SMP: 2
    Most rupees I've had: somewhere in the 400k-600k range
    Ban status: Temp Banned twice (3+ years ago), Perm Banned once (2+ years ago), never muted. =P

    I would imagine that the servers are in 64 bit... but if they are 32 bit the max amount of rupees would be a bit over 2.1 billion, yes?

    Not sure of the max 64 bit number... but it would likely be in the quadrillions quintillions :p
  13. Country: USA
    Age: 27
    Gender: we doing this?
    Favorite Country: No country, I do not like borders ;-)
    SMP: 7
    Most rupees I have had: just shy of 900k I think. I don't think I made it over 900k but if i did it was barely.
    Ban Status: Never banned from an MC server, muted... yeah once....

    Goal: Finish what is in the link in my signature, meet many unique personalities in game and on the forums, teach lots of people how to mine efficiently, get wyntyr to use god gear, mods and a mouse, get budha to sing "Hey Mr. DJ." for me so I can fall to sleep to it, AND!! get silver plating for my tin foil hat. Silver is anti-microbial and I hear that the "man" has developed a virus that can control your brain and they don't need to use radio waves anymore.
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  14. Nice to meet you! Following suit with boozle—

    Country: Italy
    Age Range: 18-21
    Gender: Male
    Favourite Country: Italy or Japan.. I think? (Go anime!)
    Home Server: SMP5
    Most Rupees: Between 1 and 40 million.
    Ban Status: No bans, kicks, or mutes.

    Goals: Convince someone that I don't speak English and use translate for EMC.
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  15. Hi theomglover. Nice to meet you. :)
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  16. Well, this is interesting :p

    Country: the Netherlands
    Age: 16 years since... birth?
    Gender: Male
    Favourite Country: the Netherlands, I suppose.
    Home Server: smp5
    Most Rupees: Uh... 700k on this account?
    Ban Status: None. I've got one warning, but that was a misconception.
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  17. Huh. Are we really doing this?

    Country: Canada. The land of maple syrup and moose.
    Age: Somewhere between five and twenty nine.
    Gender: Male.
    Favourite country: I was going to say Canada because I hail from there, but on the contrary, Ethiopia is nice. I'd love to move there and establish a goat farm.
    Home server: SMP8.
    Most rupees: The highest amount of rupees I've ever had across all my accounts was around 2.9 million.
    Ban status: I have been banned once, in the late 2011 or early 2012.
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  18. All aboard the Bandwagon!

    Country: USA
    Age: Somewhere inbetween 0 and The Infinte Age of the Forever Lobster
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Country: Bahamas
    Home Sever: SMP8 for Lyfe yo
    Most Rupees: Most Ive ever had is about 488k
    Ban Status: Never, but I have gotten Kicked By System a few Times, cause Dufne started that Bandwagon..

    Goals: (Finally Stop Spending My Money and) Get one Mil, Ore Buster, Matheus Head (And all other Avaliable Staff and Past Staff Heads) and a DC of glorious Posionous Potatoes
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  19. ChrisFlareon joins the braw--...er, discussion! :D

    Country: USA
    Age: I'm old enough to use a computer and not young enough to be a Minecraft n00blet. That's all you need to know. (Though I *have* given out my age before...)
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Country: Lol, anywhere but the one I live in. :p
    Home Sever: In server SMP8, born and raised, at 16263 I spend most of my days.
    Most Rupees: Always seems to be somewhere in the 300K range
    Ban Status: Never been banned/muted/kicked. Though I've had a few confrontations with mods before...
    [EDIT] I WAS kicked, actually... in two different scenarios by SYSTEM.
    The first was spamming messages in a private message (not in any chat channel)
    and the second was from being accused of hacking/flying when, really, the servers were lagging so bad on EMC at the time that I was freezing in midair. ^^;

    1. To establish a player-made city in the Frontier someday and live there for life on well-established mini-farms and with a huge population of self-made villagers, all with the best trades Emeralds can buy.
    2. To eventually save up for a Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher, so I can leave and come back at any time without worrying about losing everything.
    [EDIT 2]
    3. (optional) Possible use of SS services in the future to connect my 3 residences near each other (they form an L-shape, so... xD)
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