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  1. I have changed my user names for this profile and some of my alts. When I vote, most still accept BevK56, but like the last two websites, don't recognize it, I have to use the new name evedYHVH2. Just wonder if anything can be done, for me to get the credit for those. I'm at 553 for voting.
    Thanks for your help!
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  2. I'm not sure anything can be done about it. Just vote on what you can and that's all I'm afraid, not until things change on EMC and name changing is accepted will things then change.
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  3. I have the same problem with my alt, I had to change the regular websites I vote for. Try as this site works for me :)

    Hope this helps
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  4. Nope, there's no solution but to wait, except for changing your name back of course.
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  5. Hmm, just wait lol
  6. Only problem is with changing back, is I have to wait like 27 days. Oh, well as long as I don't have trouble with TopG. I don't want to mess up my voting streak, at 553 now!
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  7. K, so I'm getting credit for voting on TopG (thank goodness causeit keeps up my voting streak) and Minecraft-MP. On the other ones I have to use my new name, so I vote, its says thank you for voting, but nothing shows up as a credit on EMC. So, I suggest don't change your name, if you vote until Aikar takes care of the coding to accept the change.
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  8. If you change your name, just vote on the sites that are working with your current name right now. I changed one of my alt's names and I just have to vote on the sites that do work (ones you mentioned) and all is well. Until the coding is all done, it will just have to be this way I'm afraid. :)
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  9. Yes, I know you are right!
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  10. hmm, I might have some ways to improve this.
    If name not found, do UUID lookup, then compare UUID to our database to find current name.

    Ill see if i can work that in soon.
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  11. I have the UUID which is 6107c9a2-b3a7-4cec-a174-0d3b529f7815. I have no idea how to compare to your database to find current name.
    But, I do want to thank you for addressing this issue.
  12. We have all UUID's in the DB.

    What we don't have is your new name because I have to rename you on login to keep things working atm.

    But what it will do is when it determines unknown name, find what the UUID for that name is, then attribute to that current user regardless of name we currently know them as.
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  13. K, so my new name is evedYHVH2, the UUID is 6107c9a2-b3a7-4cec-a174-0d3b529f781. Thanks for your help!
  14. wow a vote bonus of 553?!??!
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  15. I was just thinking, I was planning on making a small change on Apr. 15 by changing it to BKevedYHVH. That's when it can be changed again. I don't plan on making any other change after that. I also have changed some of my other alts but, it doesn't interfere with anything like voting. So, let me know if you need those. I will also make a change to ksuperjack's, which is now evedYHVH to KsjevedYHVH on the 15th. So, let me know when I should give you the UUID's for them. There is 6 of them.
  16. I don't/didn't need anything from ya :) I can call Mojangs API to get things which is the plan.
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  17. Aikar: I don't want to lose my voting streak! If changing my name means that, please don't do it! I'll change back to BevK56. This name change is not worth it!
    If I can keep my voting streak, then go for it!
  18. BevK56 -

    You will not lose your voting streak if you continue to vote with your old name. Only a few voting site check for the current name. Sites like togG should be fine and only one vote a day is needed to maintain the streak.

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  19. Just to update: I have decided to go back to my old names, except Nikitrent has been changed. Which you'll find out when name changes go through and are allowed. Nothing special though.