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  1. FYI, I just went to and encountered the following issues when trying to vote.

    1. Link goes to a page on that site which does not provide a place to submit a vote for Empire Minecraft.

    2. The following message can be found at that link. "Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL." Cannot place a vote for Empire Minecraft.

    3. Tried repeatedly to get on site. Appears either to be down or no longer functioning.

    4. The following message can be found at that link. "Sorry, that server does not exist!" Cannot place a vote for Empire Minecraft.
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  2. Hmm, this is odd. I blame the respective sites...
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  3. I noticed that also. I'm sure Aikar will get us listed again ASAP. :)

    I'm pretty sure EMC is currently not listed on the sites for known reasons. And I'm also sure it'll be remedied soon. Thanks for your patience.
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  4. I've perma removed 3 of them as they don't bring us any new players (And everyone hates planet minecraft captcha anyways), as id rather get players to not feel as burdened to vote on all.

    trying to get MCSL back up as soon as I can.
  5. Aw :(
    It felt so good to be on first place :p
  6. first on a site noone goes to doesnt help us haha.
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  7. Minecraft server land or list?
  8. Minecraft server list.
  9. I understand minecraftserverland and others, but... why Planet Minecraft?

    Sure, a lot of people hate the captchas, but a handful vote on there. We had a good rank on the website too. :confused:
  10. PMC brought like no-one to EMC.... Id rather get everyone to focus on the others. When you have too many sites, it feels cumbersome to vote on all, and you end up not voting on all. So rather us focus on the ones that brings us results.
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  11. Surly it would be a good idea to keep them as it might have some affect?
  12. Yes. It affects the amount of people voting. When it doesn't attract people to EMC though, there's no point in people voting there. Maybe the only people that go to mcsland are the owners and the voters.
  13. There is a line of "too many".

    Once you have too many, people are less encouraged to vote on all of them, which overall hurts us.

    By keeping it simple, people are more willing to vote on them all, giving us more votes where it helps more in the first place.
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  14. Ah. Well I'm glad that everything got cleared up. Thanks for the reply!