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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by NathanRP, May 2, 2014.

  1. I voted on topg a minute ago and i didn't recive my rupee bonus from voting can you please help me or tell me why it's not working
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  2. Will probably show up after a little bit. Try refreshing and see what happens.
  3. The payment is usually (pretty much) instant. If you haven't gotten it in the time you've made this thread, you might have put your name in wrong.
  4. No i put it in right it went to the result page but no rupees but it is my 20th maybe that
  5. Did you type N and RP in caps?
  6. I'm having same problem haven't received my bonus in like 5 days
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  7. I had the Same problem with Topg. I think it may be broken. Try voting in the other sites, they work for me :)
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  8. Same. The other ones work though.
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  9. I wonder if the staff now about this problem
  10. We do :) It's an issue with the site.
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  11. Since our votes aren't counting there, we are dropping like a rock. :(
  12. It doesn't appear that is reporting either.
  13. I think I fixed the topG issue - I was messing with some settings on the weekend to resolve something else - and seems I changed the wrong box.

    As for Minecraft-Server - I believe it reports itself as a different name "MinecraftServersList" or something similar to the other one.
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  14. TopG issue is fixed - just voted and went through. :)
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