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  1. I think there should be some celebration of members who have been voting for over a year. After you get past 300, it's basically an endless pattern of vault and stable vouchers. And it's not that those aren't great prizes, it's just that there's nothing significant or eventful to look forward to after you reach 300.

    Here's some ideas:
    - New Custom Promos
    - Iron Supporter Voucher
    - Gold Supporter Voucher
    - Diamond Supporter Voucher
    - Level II/Level III Tier Voting Tools
    - Rebranded Staff Heads
    - Rebranded Items (Voter Iron, Voter Gold, Voter Emeralds, Voter Diamonds, Voter Nether Stars)

    I know these sound like huge prizes, but think about it. That person has been voting for EMC almost a year at 300 days. Save the prizes for 1000 for example - that's someone who was voting for EMC for almost 3 years! Without something special to aim for after this point, I feel some members may get bored with voting and gradually stop doing it, and that would deprive EMC of a lot of potential votes.
  2. Promo items are promo items for a reason, I don't think those should be used as the rewards. But I think Supporter Vouchers are a reasonable reward for the higher streaks.
  3. I agree. Some people have been on EMC for three or four years, and if they voted everyday they've gotten all of the big prizes and are only selling the stable and vault vouchers they get. I feel they need something else to work towards.

    I think they should definitely add new prizes after 300, but like CoryLovesYou said it shouldn't be promos (or at least any that already exist). If they came out with new ones specifically for voting (which I doubt they would) it would be alright.

    I do like the idea of supporter vouchers, though. It would let players who normally wouldn't get supporter try it out (and maybe some would splurge for it once the voucher runs out). On the other hand, it could also mean that less people would get supporter, because they know they'll get the voucher eventually.

    I still like the idea, though.
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  4. I actually had a similar thought while writing this. Amended.
  5. As stated in an old thread that suggested this, we have more prizes picked out, but some require code and are awesome. However this means aikar or a dev has to code them which means time.
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  6. Please tell me they're toaster struddles!?:D
  7. Obviously it would be awesome to get amazing new items, and I understand it takes time to code. Especially custom items. Those are great, but I understand staff have a lot on their plate as it is.

    The reason I suggested something like supporter vouchers, was that they already exist as an item and you'd only have to do whatever coding added them to the prize list.

    Another option might be to reuse the same items but have a higher tier of them. For example Level II Voter Tools or Level III Voter Tools, which would be the same as the existing tools, with the title changed and better enchantments.

    Or simply rebrand items so people can display them. Voter iron ingots, voter gold ingots, voter emeralds, voter diamonds.

    What about certain staff heads?

    The key is to consider what's reasonable to do and try to take advantage of existing systems as much as possible. Simply having something in the above 300 prize category is infinitely more than you have presently, and you can always add more items later when (if) staff have time.
  8. I'm sure this is on staff's list. There's just 1.9 and EULA issues that have to be dealt with for server survival. Actually come to think of it, there's probably a million things I'm sure staff want to get to and implement. It'll all work out. Though I guess this thread is a nice bump for staff to keep it fresh on their busy minds.
  9. +11111 for supporter vouchers. I am at 200+ voting streak now. In a few months, I should be getting to 300 soon.
  10. Aren't the supporter vouchers being taken out? Or is it the purchasing of them that's being removed?
  11. I personally would love a Voter's shield, Voter's elytra, and Voter's golden tools.
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  12. We also have to keep in mind not making the tools OP. There is a balance that goes into play for Voters Tools since they are soulbound and unbreakable. We took a lot of time to devise the list for the next items and it will cover up to vote bonus 1000. Any player that is already past that vote bonus will receive prizes post-release.

    I'm simply stating that this has been suggested before and we do have the plans for it.
    Thread closed.
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