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  1. So I just went to vote and Planet Minecraft is saying that the "submission is not avialable." The link on the rupee's page just leads to that error message, and so I can't vote there....I'm not sure what the problem is.

    Also, I went to check my rupee history, and saw that my day bonus for voting reset to zero for both today and yesterday, even though I was up to six two days ago, and haven't missed a day of voting. I'm wondering if maybe this has something to do with time zones, I'm in Pacific and have been voting pretty late at night my time.
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  2. Here you got this is on :
  3. Yes, Planet Minecraft is giving us a bit of trouble right now - But I checked your Day bonus - and it appears that you received your Day 6 bonus Late on December 8th, than didn't vote again till early December 10th. Normally the time difference can be more than 24 hours and you still get your extra day in there, but the extra day in there would have messed up the count.

    Some of the sites you have to wait 24 hours after voting - so eventually this could be an issue for everyone; but Minestatus officially starts a new day in about an hour and a half from now - so you could technically vote on Minestatus Twice in a 10 minute span if you are voting at that time.

    Sad to hear you got your bonus tally reset, but you still get quite a few from voting :)
  4. Okay, thanks for the answers :)
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