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  1. Hello,

    My vote streak is about to go down now as Votifier (if you use that) won't seem to work (or the listener) I have voted on 2 sites now, making sure I type my name correctly but it's not saying that I've noted.

    Please help,
    Sam :)
  2. I got one vote counted but wouldn't register.
  3. There was an issue with SMP1's DNS which is the IP that TopG uses to verify votes, but I believe Aikar fixed it temporarily. It should work now :)
  4. Alright cool.
  5. Nope, TopG did register my vote. But the Empire didn't..
  6. The thing that links topg to our system is what had the issue. (i don't really know the technical jargon)
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  7. Probably Votifier or a modified version :p
  8. what is votifier?
  9. Basically when you vote on a server list it has to connect to something. Votifier is a plugin which registers the packets of data that are sent from the voting website. There is then something that's called a listener that basically gives you the rewards :) Votifier is basically the "brains" in voting.
  10. oh, i thought it was a thing that allows you to vote for more than one website at once :p
  11. I am still not getting EMC vote rewards for voting at third time in row. :mad:
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  12. i vote usually every 12 hours but topG is not registering my votes. works just not topG Ive wondered why my last vote was going up :( so far 3 votes have not registered.

    vote 2.JPG
  13. I've emailed TopG, it appears we was wrong about the DNS and it is an issue on their site again.

    Ensure you're voting on the other sites too incase 1 misbehaves.
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  14. Thank you for the reply Aikar :) I hope that my explanation about Votifer was correct!
  15. Sorry >_<
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  16. looks like EMC added another voting site? we're at 10 now, was 9 before
  17. I dont think so. Hope TopG fixes it soon.
  18. I did add a new one,
  19. I don't know, JZH1000 doesn't think you added that site so you may be mistaken lol