Voting Improvements 4/30/14

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Another round of voting improvements, to reward those that really help the Empire!

    • Fixed a bug where players who missed the voting streak bonus then got the bonus on the next vote.
    • Players no longer need to reach "New High Bonus" to receive items
    • Subsequent votes on a day after already receiving your vote bonus now will lower the time needed to reach your next vote bonus by 1hr and 30 mins!

      This means if you vote on 1 site and get a bonus at 12pm, your next vote bonus will be scheduled for 6am tomorrow. However if you vote on 4 more websites, you will lower your next bonus by 6 hours, making you eligible to get another bonus at 12am!

      Voting for EMC on more websites will now be more rewarding.
    • Reduced # of diamonds/emeralds given per 2/3 days, as it was too much.
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  2. This might not be relevant, but I've been voting for the last 18 days and I've never gotten any emeralds or diamonds. And I voted a bunch before that too and still have never got anything.
  3. Not a fan of the reduced diamonds and emeralds, but that is because only I love hoarding diamonds. Thank you, aikar :).
  4. What vote streak gives the armor peices?
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  6. Before this update, you only received items if you reached a new personal high for vote bonus.

    So for example, if you hit 50 in the past, and was currently at 18, you would of had to hit 50 before you ever got items, but now you don't.

    you still only get the item once, but no longer has a dependency on 'new personal high'.
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  7. maybe worth mentioning but your items get sent to you via /mail so make sure you check that, they don't just appear automatically until after you check the mail
  8. another thing worth mentioning is to NOT vote on every single site to try to shorten the time because the voting sites still only allow you to vote once per 24 hours (except topG which is once per 12 hours) and thus that would restrict you from taking advantage of this feature unless you leave a couple of voting sites open.
  9. I thought only the thank you letter was a one-time payout.. o3o
  10. There is voters armor too.
  11. Thanks for the reduced diamonds. The amount of diamonds I have increased tenfolded after the newer voting rewards were added