Votes not going through.

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  1. I've voted on at 4:01pm yesterday and now today at 7:20. Neither of those have clicked in them system that I had voted yet said on the site that I had to wait 12 hours (like usual) to vote again. I've voted on the other sites now, I was just wondering if there was something going wrong with that specific site and voting? This isn't the first time it happened, but it's the first time it was two in a row.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. is working for me, make sure that you are typing in the correct username, and check that it accepts the vote "You have voted successfully!"
  3. Yeah, both were correct. The second time I made sure of it because I didn't want it to be user-error. (Which it still might be, but I've tried what I can!) But I've also tried to place my name in another computer, and it says I've already voted. So clearly it went through on the website itself, but not Empire.
  4. Have you recently done a namechange?
  5. Nope! I honestly don't even know how to, so that's a good prevention tool. xD
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  6. I voted a few hours ago and also didn't have any problems. So I have to agree with faith here; start by double checking everything to rule out any possible mistakes on your end.

    However, I have read stories before about players having issues with, so it could just as easily have been a glitch. I guess the most important question is if you got a vote confirmation?
  7. I got the confirmation that said I voted successfully. Simply nothing happened on Empire whatso ever. I'll try again at 7:30pm and double-triple check that I had everything right.
  8. I've had it before where I voted on a mobile device and the vote didn't go through.
  9. Hmm it worked for me. And I have done a name change.
  10. Based on the time your other votes came in I can say that other players were getting the vote bonus from topG. Unfortunately we do not own or control these vote sites so if something went wrong on their end we can't do anything about it. You can contact topG and see if they can find what went wrong.
  11. This happens to everyone occasionally, try voting on a different site just to make sure you get your vote bonus.

    Usually it's just a hiccup between the connection timings between the vote site end and server end - trying to send data and trying to receive data ... it doesn't always go through, even though the site says you did.
  12. Makes total sense, thanks everyone for the replies! Hopefully it'll return to normal, I'll just make use of the other sites until then! ^^
  13. Hi Matious,
    I have a situation too. Only on various servers can I vote. As I have changed my name they say that toto_style123 doesn't exist. This is problematic as PandaManNwaf isn't my name on EMC.
  14. Most of the servers usually just take what was typed and send it back to the server... so if your 'old name' was toto_style123 you'd use that...

    Most of the top voting sites still work with the old names...I haven't heard of it saying the names don't exist...

    The problem is these sites below use 'votifier' so they check to see if your username exists...

    Your old name technically doesn't exist anymore, but you can still vote on the other sites.
    If you at least vote for one of the voting sites, you still get your voting bonus...
  15. I've had issues where I got to vote on TopG and happen to be too early, i.e., I last voted at 7:45PM and am attempting to vote at 7:40AM. I've gotten a message that I already voted today and needed to wait 5 minutes. No surprise as I was early, but then when I go to vote 5 or more minutes later, I get informed that I have already voted and need to wait 11 hours and 55 minutes.

    The exact times and wait period have varied, but my current assessment is that TopG logs each vote attempt, whether successful or not, and restarts the 12 hour waiting period from that time. Effectively I am unable to vote twice a day due to a coding error it seems.

    I've been in contact with TopG about it, and last communication was told they will be looking into it.

    I would suggest others report issues to them as I was told I was the only one reporting it. If those who are also having issues report it, then it less likely to be a random fluke.
  16. I wasn't getting votes through on my alts account on different sites, can't name them from the top of my head but there was a few. I think it is because i had a name change though .Topg worked for me this morning, which i vote for everyday ont his account
  17. TopG gave me another error today. I voted a few minutes past the 12 hour mark and was told I already voted and needed to wait 3 minutes. This means it started the 12 hour wait at this time and really I need to wait 12 hours to try again.

    I am wondering if TopG really wishes to fix the error or not as its been weeks since I informed them of this and being told they would look into it.