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  1. I know it says that they are Unbreakable but when I just used my Voters Shovel and the bar that shows how damaged it is went all the way down to red when I noticed I automatically stopped using it because I was scared I was going to break it. So my question is would it have broken if the damage bar would've gone all the way down? The same thing happens to my voters sword. If I stop using the sword/shovel the damage bar goes back up. Sorry if this is a stupid question lol.
  2. It should not break. It is a completely valid concern. :p If you notice it going down, and it is bothering you, open your inventory and pick it up then place it down in whatever slot it was in.

    The reason it shows "wear" is because the client doesn't recognize the "unbreakable" part of it. The server does recognize it though, hence why it automatically "repairs" itself. :p
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  3. The "damage" is only clientside (From the way that the game is coded, the unbreakable is custom-coded for the server), you only need to refresh it every so often to "repair" the damage. If it does "break" open your inventory and shift-click the slot that the tool was in to refresh it.
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  4. If you press your right mouse button it resets the damage for shovels and picks. For bows you'll need to move the item in your inventory or relog.

    So if you were to AFK (while watching your screen) at a snow generator you hold down Left and Right mouse buttons then press F11.
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  5. I find that the easiest way to "repair" the item is to drop it. It'll appear in your inventory in the same place and it's easier than having to move it again. :)
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  6. Thanks everyone!!
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