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Upgrade Voters Boots (if 1.8 happens)

YES 25 vote(s) 100.0%
NO 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So I just recently went out looking for clay, so I suited up in my voters armour and was swimming around looking for clay when I though how nice it would to have depth strider. Now, I know EMC doesn't have any 1.8 features yet but when / if EMC updates to 1.8 I was thinking it would be cool to 'update' the voters boots so they have depth strider too. Maybe people who already have them can like trade them in for the replacement pair or a staff memeber can add the enchant. So that's my idea, I personally think it would be cool, What do you guys think?
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  2. I think having them with depth strider 1 wouldn't be too OP. They would probably just use /vote fixitem to give you the new ones.
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  3. Good idea.
  4. +1

    This would be really helpful, but not overpowering. A nice in between enchant shouldn't be too much to ask ;)
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  5. *-* Yes.
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  6. I like this idea, seems feasible and doesn't make them too OP +1 ^_^
  7. I know I don't have my boots yet, but I would definitely enjoy depth strider, as I'm big on underwater exploration. :)
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  8. *like*
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  9. I hate to disagree with you all, but with respiration and aqua affinity on the voter's helmet already, this makes the voter's armor seem extremely OP to me, especially with the coming ocean monuments.
    Already, the voter's helmet makes water almost a concern of the past. I will never even brew a water-breathing potion. I guess depth strider wouldn't be the source of the problem, but it would make it so there is literally no other water-related item you will ever need again. If they dialed back the helmet a bit, I wouldn't mind seeing the boots get an extra enchantment though (maybe lose 1 lvl of feather falling too).
  10. +1 Awesome idea, if 1.8 does come out it will be epic to have the new enchant also :)
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  11. But I don't see how it could be 'op'... I mean it just allows you to run under water, and any one can get them, it's a reward for supporting the server
  12. OP in the sense that it becomes the "best" piece of armor you will ever need and makes a large amount of vanilla Minecraft items and enchantments completely pointless. Availability to everyone doesn't make them less OP.

    There is a reason the other promo items don't have the maximum possible enchantments on them. Even the ones that come close (besides the voter's tools and helmet) have the Final enchantment to balance things out (you cannot repair them, and they break). I have not crafted another pair of boots or helmets already since receiving my voter's rewards, and that take something away from the game (although I'll admit to dying more than my diamond-wearing freinds).

    Ocean monuments are about to be a huge part of the game in 1.8.
    EMC is meant to be "semi-vanilla," and shouldn't totally alter a vanilla gameplay element so strongly (Soulbound Unbreakable is forever).
    Given that, I guess the helmet is my real complaint. If the helmet was dialed back somehow, then maybe I would stand by upgrading the boots with the rest of you.
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  13. But it's leather.
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  14. C'mon now. It's a leather armor set. It's cool but it's not like you can take it out hunting or use it when fighting a boss mob.

    I think the unbreaking toolset you get from voting is much more OP than the armor.
  15. I use enchanted diamond helmet for underwater voyages, with water breathing potions for complet,
    Voters helmet OP enchants makes it in reality too much OP to be useful (even after /fixitem).

    (However feather falling on boots drastically decrease damage when i fell from high places. :))
  16. Agreed about the tools, but since we're talking about adding the only water-related enchantment not currently on voter's gear, I was trying to focus on that.
    Also, what underwater boss mob?
  17. The elder guardian.
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  18. The squid. They are fierce.
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  19. good idea :I
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  20. lol squids are my family they are strong but are lone creatures of the wild we are strong we are... LEGION!