Vote Legit for president!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, May 30, 2015.

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    That's right folks! You should vote for me! I am running under the Dank Meme Party, and I promise to bring the dankest memes to EMC!

    "But I hate dank memes and I don't want to vote for you..."
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    Well in that case you obviously not be allowed to vote and the Dank Meme Party plans to fix that. If I am elected, anyone who dislikes dank memes will have their voting privileges revoked.

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    Don't fret loyal citizen! I promise a flat tax rate of 9% to all the SMPs except Utopia, who will get a 9999% tax increase due to the overwhelmly amount of rupees in that server. I also plan to cut all funds to healthcare, police, and fire service because studies find that if you have nothing to protect you, you'll be less likely to do dumb things.

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    Studies have found that 100% of people who vote against Legit die on their way home from the voting station. Don't take the chance and leave your family at risk.

    Now go out there and vote for me!
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  2. Can jet fuel melt your dank memes Mr.Legit?
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