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  1. So I'm on an exchange from school in France, so I can not vote and do not want to lose my streak.
    I ask ONE player to vote for my main account AND my alt Lukas_3226.
    The days I am not there are from 21th March till the 4th April, so 15 days you vote for Lukas3226 AND Lukas_3226.

    If you're older than 200 EMC days, have a streak of 80+ and vote each day, you can fill out the google docs and start a PM with me!

    [EDIT]: just vote on two of these sites:
    and use my names ( Lukas3226 and Lukas_3226 ) watch the caps ;)

    google docs:

    I'll pay 5k before I go to France and the rest, when I come back and see that you voted at least 14 days.

    I really hope I find at least one trustfull member ;)

    When you do not vote on any day, but we had an agreement, you will get reported
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  2. bump, also figured out how to add the google docs into the forum :D
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  3. pffft
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  4. i mean i dont mean to be rude but think about this logically, im forgoing 15 of my own rewards for potentially nothing just because of how weird the reward timing is i think more people would be apt to this with a more solid guarantee
  5. Well we have 9 sites, so you do not lose your own streak, as you can still vote on the other 7 ;)
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  6. You can vote from France as well ;)
  7. Sure but I cannot do it every day/regular. I don't know if we have wifi and so on. I go there to see France maybe even enhance my French speaking skills :p but not to play minerals, so we also have not computer access except for school stuff
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  8. Ha, I totally agree focus on the french; makes sense. Which part of France are you going to? Anyways enjoy your trip.
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  9. Just pm aikar and notify him about the period that you are away. Pretty sure he will pause your streak
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  10. Yeah or will do that :)

    North-west France, near the cost. I hope the weather is with ous and thanks :)
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  11. Is it Bretagne? Brest, Quimper, Pont L'Abbe? That's where I had my school exchange. They say they have the best crepes from all of France ;) sry for the OT messages
  12. I don't think he will
  13. Well when I created this thread I didn't even thought about geting "bad" feedback. I thought it would be a easy way for someone getting a few extra rupees for nearly doing nothing. I myself vote ( nearly ) each day, which takes about 1-2 min, depending on the captcha :p If I would now to vote for another member, it would not be such a big deal, just entering another name.

    Sure for some are 21k not so much money, but for me it's a lot. Gold supporters receive 700/day, so thats 21'000/month. this could you get for just spending 2 min voting for 15 days = 30min and earn 21k. for his you could buy 2 beacons or maxs signed book at the /shop and still have some extra cach ;)

    this are just a few thought from me, as I found someone who wants to vote for me, thanks to Ozzy :)

    /asking a mod to close the thread
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