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  1. OK so I go onto Minestatus as a usually do and something catches my eye... Something out of the ordinary... Well why don't you take a look for yourself!
    It's sad I'm warning you!
    If you insist...
    So as you may or may not have seen you can kinda understand how I'm feeling about this... It's really not that hard to vote and although little you still get some rupees! So I want to AT LEAST see us ranked in the top 25 as we were this is devastating and I'm sure many of you would agree with me! So if anyone actually cares about our rank then how about you click here and lets see if we can make a change! I want to see the final banner saying number 1 (or close too :p) soon!


    Tell me if you see this!

    If anyone agrees with this and wants to take a stand then vote for EMC!
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  2. Why arent we num#1 Maybe we didnt advertise Enough Emc is the Best server Ever!
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  3. SMP5 is just the server registered with Minestatus. when you vote you are voting for the entire empire! Minestatus like other Minecraft server lists only give the option of registering one server ip.
  4. I know right!
  5. The problem is that there isn't enough benefits to make people want to vote. Maybe increasing payout price? Maybe get a chance to be a iron supporter for a month? 1 out of 40,000 chance (total members in EMC).
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  6. Yeah I think that is some of the issue...
  7. Well there's an idea!
    By the way does anyone know what happened to the monthly membership comps? there was only one!
  8. You realize
    You can quote multiple posts in one reply post.
  9. Yes I know :)
  10. Make a contest on where you have to vote. The person that votes the most wins stuff.
  11. I would do this but unfortunately I don't jave access to view the data showing who vibes ai this would have to be something for Justin or ICC to handle ;)
  12. Make them take a screen shot of it every time they vote

    (are you on a handheld device?)
  13. I've been wondering what is a nook?
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  14. Its a weak version of a tablet made by Barnes and Nobles designed to read books... BORING!
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  15. A NOOK is a handheld device that is made to read books. Books can be bought from the NOOK store or downloaded from your local Library. The NOOK also has access to the internet and so I post a lot with my NOOK. But the screen isn't the best to type with and the screen glitches out a lot (move up and down so I can't see what I am typing. Also, the NOOK hates the edit box so it is almost impossible to edit posts.
  16. WOAH, not cool man ;)
  17. I would rather buy a Kindle than get a free Nook.
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  18. OK, back to my contest idea...
  19. Hmmm maybe and yes