Vote for EMC - Get rupees off me

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  1. Vote for the Empire!
    (and get better stuff than normal)

    This was run in the past, although it seemed to die out for some reason. So, I've decided to bring it back, in true Jack style. You can vote for EMC on Minestatus to receive 50r. Now, this isn't much. So, I've decided to bump that up to 100r, by giving each person that votes and provides valid proof an extra 50r.

    Now, "100r, that's now much?" I hear you say. Well, it wont stop there. Every time you vote, you'll get entered into the week's prize draw to win a item(s) of reasonable value.

    So, what count's as a valid screenshot? Well...
    • The screenshot must show the "Your vote has been added" text
    • The time and date must be clearly visible
    • Don't try and upload the same screenshot as a previous vote, I promise you, I will notice and blacklist you from getting the extra rupees/reasonable valued prize
    • It must be uploaded and posted in this thread.
    • Links from the rupee history page are accepted, but I need to be able to see the last 3 transactions.
    Here's an example of a valid screenshot, with obvious writing to make it extra obvious:
    Aren't my paint skills amazing...

    See, it's not that difficult is it? The green text does have the tendency to disappear though, so be ready to hit print screen as soon as you press vote. A screenshot like the one above is the only valid evidence I will accept. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Current Draw: 5000r. Ends 30/09/2012
    Current entries:
    1. cam13868674
    2. cam13868674
    3. cam13868674
    4. IamSaj

  2. O ya More Money And Nice Idea By The WAy FIRST COMMENT!
  3. I'll be sure to enter tomorrow when I vote again.
  4. Im pretty sure nfell2009 did this
  5. EMCCC.png
    I know, I know, you can barely see it but please accept? :)
  6. He did, but it died down after problems and people getting denied - thecontroller required you to upload to and he changed the rules halfway.
    Now you know.
  7. I would do this but my bookmark bar have my rl name in them so i won't
  8. You can edit it out using Paint
  9. macs dont got paint foo
  10. Accepted, you can just click the icon to see the large version. =)
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  11. Do you have any editing software on it?
    Magical site of image editing.
  13. yes but im to lazy to edit it
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  14. This is a great thing you are doing but why can't people vote for EmpireMinecraft without having someone bribe them? >.<
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  15. Then why even discuss why you cant do it, if you are too lazy to do it easily?
  16. IE?! Really?! And you have chrome just sitting down there, begging you to become enlightened!
    EDIT: Also, please cover up the server ad
  17. So many people have a bias against IE, I know it's bad, but I grew up on it, its my preferred choice.
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  18. Here ya go. :)

    voting for emc.jpg
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  19. Internet Explorer... You suck.
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