[VOTE] EMC Forums Additional Restructuring

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Go ahead with the restructuring?

Yes, as you stated 25 vote(s) 65.8%
Yes, but with some changes 8 vote(s) 21.1%
No, keep as is. 5 vote(s) 13.2%
  1. One thing I think many people agree on, clutter is bad...

    Our EMC forums index has gotten quite large.
    You may of noticed some things shifted around yesterday, as I cleaned up some "makes sense ones"

    One idea I wanted to do was to make use of Subforums more though

    Move Supporter Discussion, General Minecraft Discussion, and Other Discussion (and rename to Offtopic) under Community->Community Discussion
    So that its now

    And move Supporter Marketplace under Community Marketplace

    The Community
    • Community Discussion
      • General Minecraft Discussion
        • Minecraft News
        • Minecraft Discussion
        • Minecraft Support
      • Offtopic Discussion
        • Gaming
        • Misc
      • Supporter Discussion

    Then Supporter auctions should be pretty self explanatory...

    This will remove 3 parent categories from the index (well for supporters, 2 for free), reducing a lot of clutter, and hopefully make the forums not appear too big which can disinterest some people...

    Please vote, or if you think it should be done a little differently, state your suggestions!
  2. Yes! :D
    First :p
  3. Eh, yes, no, not really... Cleaning it up is definitely a good thing but I don't think it's very clean now, just confusing.

    Empire Events
    - Help Support
    - Guides
    - Suggestions
    - Ect.
    - Introduce
    - Creations
    - Discussion
    - Wilderness Frontier
    Minecraft Discussion forums
    - Support
    - Discussion
    - News
    Marketplace forums
    - Discussion
    - Products
    - Auctions
    - Services
    Supporter forums
    - Discussion
    - Auctions
    (staff forums)
    Other (gaming, misc)

    I don't think that the sub-forums (Guides and Acceptable Mods) is really a good idea. Way too hard to find things right now. People will definitely adjust, but it's quite unnecessary IMO

    Just some constructive criticism. :)

    If anything, just move Acceptable Mods and EMC Guides back into Empire
  4. ...He said get rid of clutter... not make it worse
  5. The problem is they are less frequently used forums (specially guides....) it doesnt make sense to waste a good chunk of the index on something that isnt changing as much.
  6. Yes, however there should be ban appeal section right at the bottom that will automatically start a conversation with a moderator who is currently logged on, it should remove 99% of ban appeals in the forums.
  7. Will there ever be the possibility of having it so - after an auction is closed it be deleted so it doesn't clutter the search Query? However, I do like the sub forums idea - it makes everything easier to find.
  8. This is also another question too - If the supporter section is moved, will supporter auction sections be able to be viewed by the general public and a non-supporter could bid on the auctions? Or is it only able to be made and bid on by supporters only?
  9. Ok Cool? lol
  10. i like it but you should add a wild outpost section
  11. Perhaps just a separate section for Closed Auctions. Old auction information should be preserved, I think.
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  12. Yeh, that could still work - like you know, use them as reference points to what you should have your starting bid, etc as?
  13. Well, lets say a dispute arises about the auction two weeks or a month later. Would be necessary to have the auction records for that.
  14. Erm, Go check the forum index...

    As for Appeal PM - Sorry cant do that, no magic variable of "who banned you"

    As for auctions, sure we could have a closed auctions but well have to manually move those, wont be automatic.

    As for supporters - same access level, just change in location of where you see it.
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  15. Whoa sorry didn't know you changed it already. that was fast good job!
  16. been there for since I made this thread... :p
  17. True, but I'd like the EMC Guides to be in a place where players can instantly see it, somewhat how it was before. There's some pretty important information there. :)

    It's not.. clutter really, it's just a lot of forums. Pretty much how it was before though :)
  18. Ideally it needs to be linked from the guide or the header or somewhere else... root forum is just not the best place.
  19. Hmm, agreed.

    I should add that it makes ban appeal instructions twice as hard to find, just realised that (all other factors that go towards finding it aside).
  20. Also, just realised that the ability to delete our own threads was removed... For the best? :p