volunteers need for buid a public guardian farm in smp4 waste

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  1. Hello, im looking for volunteers to build a temporary public guardian farm in waste in the smp4. The monument is near the southeast outpost. any help is apreciated. i have almost done a wall arrounnd the monument to start dry inside

    thanks in advance
  2. Just going to throw my 2cents in, this is wayyyyyy too much work for a temporary farm. I suggest just going out into the wild to build a permanent guardian farm, this takes days and days of work, which would only be thrown away by waste resets.
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  3. yes, is a lot o work, i already owwn one in wild, but i think if we can have 10 or more people it worth , because is very near to outpost
    i was tinking like friday nigh mining event or something like that
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  4. I could help
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  5. Thanks, the monument is very close of outpost in southeast waste outpost in smp4
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  6. i finish the wall arround the monument and i built a stone generator to dry by digging stone after lava drop over it. Then i came tonight to keep doing the dry process. but for my surprise all lava buckets was stolen from the dispensers. Then i think to myself. Whats the point in build a very hard and boring to build a guardian xp farm? to be griefed? that farm is not to complex to build but the dry process is and i was doing all alone....
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  7. I'm so sorry you got griefed p2nda :( That is very very frustrating.

    There is a public wild guardian farm on smp8 at Wild N called Sushi Drop. It is not xp style. It is like a drop party. Along the rail to it, there are also multiple grinders (zombies, cave spiders, and 1 small skellie one in the pit of Sushi Drop itself). Additionally, there is an xp style gold farm called Pigmentus. It's very fast for xp. Just do not afk there whatever you do. They build up fast and you can lag out.

    At Wild S on smp8, there is Slime Time which also includes a snow and ice farm, a generic swamp farm, and Squid Doom which has yet another slime chunk farm in it and obviously, squids.

    Hope that info helps you, and that you get to build a public farm on your home smp. I will echo what simx said, and that it's far better to do these in the wild a little bit away from the spawns. You'll have far less griefing that way. Cheers!
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  8. Thank you :) i built one n wild also but is very far from outpost in smp4 and yes is frustating to see people doing this just for fun and reasonless... Btw, thank yu very much for the info , i will take a look :) cheers
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  9. I'm going to forward this thread to a friend of mine who lives on SMP4 and I'm pretty sure she'll be at least interested in helping out a bit. Because we're both a little crazy in this matter: we both don't care that much to put some work into something temporary because... yeah, why not?

    I also like to think that the wasteland is definitely suitable for stuff like this. Simply because of the reset. Eventually you'll know that you might need to start over, who cares... You can be fairly sure that you won't run into other players space (that is much more likely in the Frontier), although griefing is always a nasty problem I personally put less value into waste griefing problems (that's just me!). I like to think that it might even help educate players a little (I know griefing in the wastelands is also a bannable offense, don't get me wrong).

    And as to building materials... Cobble is easy to obtain anyway.

    I'd help you out myself if I could but that's a problem. On SMP4 I'm deep into the Frontier and going back and forth to town takes quite a while, so I avoid doing this if I can (there are exceptions, like a friend who suddenly finds themselves stuck in an ocean Monument, lol).

    I'm definitely in support of your idea, I like it!
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  10. Ill steal shell's iron voters gear again and come help u out later 2day! :)

    i do want to get some blocks out of it if possible. help u mine stuff away ^.^
  11. made a bridge to the top of the monument but didnt do anything else b/c i dont know what u want 2 do exactly, i never made a farm b4.

    i got a stack of sponges so if u need to remove water from some place then let me know and ill get to it. (im good with that using sponges + dirt and its soon gone).
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  12. If anyone is serious about making a lasting public guardian farm please send me a PM. I 'have' a monument very close to the frontier spawn that would be perfect.
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  13. Hello, i saw your bridge ty :) - well the idea is to dry inside the wall
    get rid of all water and build a fishtank in the middle
    the fish will fall into a chamber with a crusher and then fill the chests... i alredy built one in frontier but is far but is dry and working.... the idea on this one is to make a simple one, temporary one :) im looking for better ideas to make the dry process les boring
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  14. Did a little helping with sponges and some gravel. It's really not a lot of work if a bunch of people work on it a little each day.

    Ok, actually it's still a lot of work, but we are chipping away at it and everyone is cool to hang out with so far.
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