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  1. having anyone be able to see where you are in the wilderness leaves you open to exploitation
    and i see its only those that can afford to pat that can hide themselves
    so its not bad enough the rich exploit the poor in the real world you want to make minecraft that way as well
    personally i don't mind saying that's crap
  2. Uhm I got lost in the way you worded your post. Your mad about supporters having the hide option?
  3. Think so..
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  4. It is completely fair. I don't know anyone who uses the live map constantly. We get perks because we help out the Empire. It's fine.
  5. Supporters have to have some perks... We donated 5$ or more to this amazing server.
    Don't you think we should get a little more then a shiny name?
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  6. Well personally I don't think I'm rich flowing in rivers of money, I have something called a job and this is one of the few joys where I can spend it on. There is nothing where I live, but rocks sand and dirt. You don't have to be rich to be a supporter, if you think about it, it's actually very affordable. It only becomes expensive when you over think it as I did before but when you d the math, it takes only 3 hours of any minimum wage job (8.25) to get diamond supporter for a whole month. So essentially it's practically free for me since its only taking up 3 hours of work which is nothing. You can also get iron supporter to get live map hide and that's only 5$, it's less than an hour of work. So nobody here is considered to be high rolling rich just because they have supporter. The server is not exploiting poor people, the supporter feature is there to keep the server up and running. Without supporters, Emc would not exist today and I wouldn't be making this post on this great community.
  7. I think it's fair in both the real world and minecraft world:

    1) Those who have extra money in real world earned their place with his/her job, status-wise to make that kind of money to spend (even though it's only 5-20 dollars per month); same amount of money a lot of people spend on a few drinks at a drink machine or cigarettes per week.

    2) Supporters earn this right ... they aren't going to just donate to donate - that falls under (donation - for rupees) ... this is subscriptions where you pay for perks ... so why pay for perks if you don't get perks?

    ps) I occasionally don't like the /hide feature - especially if you're in wild ...
    I mean, yeh i like it so people can't find what res i'm on in town or where i'm at in wild so i can feel more secure about not worrying about griefing or people finding one of my bases ... but if i die - it's impossible for me to get a friend or my other account to find my location because i can't use livemap.
  8. Go farther out, and you will find better land and more resources. You will be MUCH safer, safer than a supporter who builds near.
    No, its only those who support the server who can hide. It has nothing to do with being able to afford it.
    Exploitation is using something in an unjust or harming towards others matter. What they are doing is actually not exploiting anyone, because they are doing the opposite. They are providing an option that helps. This has nothing to do with being rich or poor. I have no set income. I do almost any odd job that i can, and i put my money in a paypal account. I use that money to pay for my supportership, because i love the server and its community. My "hard" work pays off. People dont just get handed anything. I assume you are a teenager (even though your profile says you are 45... >.> ), and that you play some kind of console game. Give up one new console game a year (i highly suggest CoD), and you can pay for iron for the whole year.
    Cool. I personally dont mind saying that im very grateful to the Justin and IcC that they gave us the option to be able to hide. You could apply your (weak) argument to every supporter perk. They are giving us a helpful option, not exploiting anyone.
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  9. i'm using that to think about buying Mann Co. Crate Keys :p
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  10. Most rich people don't exploit poor people unless your definition of exploit is "trades money and other benefits for labor" in which case everyone exploits everyone. Maybe instead of thinking of the people who support EMC as "exploiters" you should thank them for paying the bills and allowing EMC to exist at all.

    [edit] ps: capitalization and punctuation are your friends
    [2nd edit] Personally, I don't mind saying that you've been here for an hour and you already put yourself on my bad side. That's probably not a good move.
  11. Edmund is alive?
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  12. Don't make the guys in green angry, you won't like them when they're angry.
  13. (Checks profile) You would think if a 45 year old could afford internet access he could pony up another $5 if it bothers him to have his adventures visible to the rest of the World.
  14. 45 years? Well, I cant believe you don't have $5 if you bought MC and a computer to play in ;)
  15. Edmondwayne was the only comment worth answering .yes they are supporters, but giving any one class an ability that makes it easy for them to take advantage of another is just tempting them to do so.
    and if they are already the more favored they are sure to get away with it. how do i build a mob trap or a mine and expect anything to be there when i return if someone can just click my name, find me, and wait. i do the work only to be robed and greefed. i would be happy to be a supporter and probably would have once i felt this was a good place to be. but with rules like that?? i don't mind at all them getting more rupees but giving them that kind of advantage. hell u might as well let them just come onto my homestead and take what they want from my chests and get it over with.
  16. Oh, so the people who help keep the server funded are now the rule breaking and mean members? Your compliments are just flattering. We are not all perfect, but 99% of us would never think of doing anything to get banned. I suggest that you start trying to make friends here, its so much nicer that way.
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  17. The Wilderness is intended primarily for gathering resources. You DO have 900,000 Blocks in Town that you can build on without having to worry about Griefing. You also can lock a chest to protect your valuables
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  18. I'm looking for a server to start playing on and yes support. but b4 i commit and put time into it i want to know its a place worth being and a community worth supporting. that rule is not a good start. like i said give supporters perks no problem, maybe ill be one of them soon . but give them unfair advantage and i want no part of it!
  19. Where do you build, two hundred blocks from the spawn? I don't build anything worthwhile unless of it is like, 3k blocks from spawn. They support the server. Without them, we would have no EMC. Honestly, it isn't that big of a deal.
  20. locked chests don't stop greefing and no mobs to grind in town
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