Virostek is the name!

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  1. Ello all, my name is Virostek.
    I am a fairly new member to this site, and the game itself (bought game 6 days ago).

    I also have a independent state of mind, but I have no issue lending a hand with anything I know of. But of course I want to learn more, if not everything that this game has to offer. If you have any advice for new-comers such as me, please share with me in game or message on here. YouTube and Google can only do so much to help :p.

    It'll be a pleasure to finally be in a server (second one I have joined) that doesn't aim to kill others and take their belongings.

    Take care all,
  2. Hello, and welcome to the Empire. If you want to learn more about Minecraft, i'll just let you know that you will not need to go anywhere else for a server unless you want PvP (Which I like but am very stupid at :p). I've owned Minecraft for longer than most Empire members so that says something, right? :p
  3. Welcome to the Empire! I assume you have read the guide! This cite is we're you can find auctions, discussions, and breaking news :).
  4. Well currently I am just browsing around at night trying to kill skeletons, zombies, and spiders which isn't working out to well... So I will log back on when day arrives :p
  5. Since my last post here, I'm explored a little bit. Though I do not see any other players :(
  6. Your problably in the wild. Most players are in town :)
  7. Well, actually. I was reading somewhere that in the far future Aikar MIGHT be making a PVP server, dystopia. However, it has not reached the drawing boards yet and might never happen.
  8. Welcome to the Empire!
    I hope you will enjoy your stay here! :D

    Oh and here is a good tip: Read & follow the rules :)
    Or you will end up getting banned like I did <3
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  9. Welcome! I hope you are enjoying your time here so far! Have fun! ^_^
  10. No, dystopia is a server that supporters can access and it is a world where it is forever night, mobs are enabled and you take fall damage - the opposite to utopia. The PvP server is a server where it's like survival games but with teams.
  11. So far I'm claimed a plot, but now I'm trying to gather wood... But it's so far in the wild, that once I get a stack it's nightfall. I may need to somehow figure out a plan to stay the night out there then rush back possibly.
  12. Welcome to EMC! What server are you on? And one way to get wood safely is to buy or find a sapling and grow it on your plot :)
  13. I don't want to go there o_o
  14. Dystopia doesn't even exist yet.
  15. Actually, I would like to go to dystopia. I would actually probably live there.
  16. Yeah...I know...
  17. I'm on server 9 :)

    That sapling idea, is perfect... Where do you buy a sapling?
  18. Try to ask around on town chat. I'm not sure of the shops on smp9 but you can try the empire shop which is /shop, they are a little overpriced though.
  19. At the shop do I use my rupees to purchase items?