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  1. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever used/is using Vipre and can tell me more about it. We bought this laptop from my husband's coworker who put Vipre on it and swears by it, "The Department of Defense uses it!", has it on nearly everything he uses. This is the first time we have used it and I've yet to find anything great about it online. This is the first time we've ever heard of it.

    It annoys the crap out of me because there are times the computer just freezes up and the mouse pointer turns into a continually spinning circle, I can hear all my alert noises of people messaging me etc. It does this for periods at a time, the longest was about 45 minutes and so I gave up, held power and shut it down, started it back and it worked fine. During the times that it's freezing my computer up I can't even Ctrl Alt Delete, it tells me something like start up and security aren't available.

    Every other webpage I go to I get this screen, and yet when I add the site to trusted I still get fed up because it blocks it and I just shut down Vipre:
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  2. Sounds like malware to me.
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  3. I've never heard of it either. If you can't find anything significant about it online then I'd suggest removing it and using what ever anti-virus program you and your husband usually use.
  4. I use Avast
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  5. Never heard of vipre and its website is full of cake.
  6. It probably is used by the Department of Defense, though.
    The Department of Defense is run by the US Government, and the US Government is stupid.
  7. Most of the time we only use Microsoft Security Essentials and windows firewall and all that because I refuse to use AVG and Avast annoyed me because it constantly lagged me scanning every ten minutes and announcing everything like I'm the Queen of England or something.

    I refuse to use AVG because it takes up so much and lags to hell in a hand basket. My aunt put it on my cousin's pc and it took it twenty minutes just to start up. He would start it up to play a game, wait and then get fed up and go do something else. Dad removed it and his laptop worked fine.

    It also lagged me and kicked me off stuff when I tried using it.
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  8. According to PC Mag:
    It's supposed to be good, but I'd suggest one that causes less problems.