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  1. What happens when you're over entc now with chickens? My villagers have started disappearing on my utopia res... good ones from 1.7..
  2. Once you're over the entity limit, SYSTEM will randomly select mobs to delete. It's a limit for a reason. You're not supposed to try to go over it.
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  3. Ok.

    The challenge is since 1.8 items are included. So a cane farm can kill villagers for example. Aikars looking into it. Hopefully a fix soon.
  4. Are you sure about this? I grow many sugar cane on my residence and I can assure you that those do not count towards my entity count. At least not the visible one as seen with /entc. The only item which I know to be included is the armor stand but I'm pretty sure that was by design.
  5. Dropped items now count toward the entity count. I had no entities on my res, I broke a few sugarcane, and I then had one.

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  6. Items are included in the wild. Haven't tested it in town though.
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  7. Items are however excluded in "Over Limit" checks. It's only affect is blocking additional armor stands (and may prevent dropping items in future, well see).

    It's shown in your /entc for informative purposes.

    Were going to investigate if anything was missed with "not counting for over limit"
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  8. This may be a utopia only issue and not related to items.

    2015-05-19_17.43.33.png 2015-05-19_17.43.44.png
    On a normal SMP the entc is maintained regardless of where you stand in res. On utopia it only keeps the total when you load that section. This would explain why my chicken cooker was able to kill my villagers, it went over entc while I was on other half or res and when I came back, wham-o.
  9. So this may have also broken my iron farm. It's over water, and I guess the squids spawning has pushed it up over the limit? Over the past few days since I started using it again (first time since 1.8), the villagers have been slowly getting less and less, until there are now almost none left. Is there any way to avoid this behavior? Especially with villagers being significantly harder to breed now?

    I don't suppose it's silly to ask that villagers have higher priority than say, naturally spawning (not from breeding) mobs?
  10. It's unlikely you'd have this problem from that. Animals last longer than monsters, and you can have up to 250 total. Each cell of your iron farm would be 10-14 villagers and they don't count when they are higher than 64 blocks from you.
  11. How do you check the summary of your res
  12. Just do /entcount.