Villagers Can't Breed

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  1. I have made several different villager breeding machines (i dont't want to cause lag so I only want 2 villagers to breed, and when i go offline I just put them into a egg) is villager breeding disabled or is it just that they only breed in the wild???
    That will cost me 100r every time i put them in a egg so kinda eggpensive,
    I don't have a clue what to do now (well i already sell most of the egg's)
    And how do you get squids to spawn? do i need to place lights under water? (i'm indoors i do have windows but not that many, and my roof i kinda full (with a huge dutch's flag, already put trees on them so that already looks weird),

    Any way, hope you can help me out ;)
  2. JustinGuy removed villager spawning via doors to stop the lag.
    Capturing mobs in town is free.
  3. oke tnx,
    But can jou still breed them in the wild or is it disabled on the entire server??
  4. Disabled entirely I believe.
  5. oke well i will look if its block't in the wild to, but i don't think i will be breeding any villager's today...
    Tnx for the help,
  6. Squids will spawn on their own in water without you doing anything. I believe that some servers are having problems getting squid to spawn. SMP7. however, the squids spawn quite well.
  7. This was for villagers :p

    But yeah, there is a problem with them through Minecraft, not just EMC. It varies between servers though.
  8. Thanks maybe i will sell squids to (for 2 rupees!!!) ;)
  9. That's cheap!
  10. Well it is a real way to make rupees, the cheap price's of my shop are working that good that almost no costumer leaves with a empty inventory!!!!, and i make at least a 1000R per week,
    perfect to me, perfect for the costumer!!!
  11. luckily i breeded them safely and i now have 17 stacks of them for sale at my res for 15r apiece but no one needs to know that ;)
  12. So you can breed them in town? or in their natural village? or am I just not going to be able to breed villagers at all?
  13. I think Villager breeding is disabled in town only. Justin made it like this because of the people who would make a giant "wrestling ring" of blocks and doors and plop a couple in and leave them until there were about 300.

    (300 is an exaggeration)
  14. Wow, Justin finally axed villager breeding? I've waited a while for this.
  15. 300 is not an exaggeration. It's actually low. We've had residences with over 2000 villagers and Minecraft would lock up for even fairly decent computers in any res surrounding that one.
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  16. :eek: I stand corrected then. Geeze over 2000!?
  17. daaaaang, im glad none of my neighbors decided to make villager farms then. i would never have been able to get on my res at all if that were the case
  18. My neighbor made a villager town. Granted, it only had like 80 villagers. But I was still lagging quite a lot. Then the guy got banned for scamming and I never saw the villagers again....