Villager Nano Farm Design (Turn Bonemeal into Potatos, Carrots or Bread)

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  1. Hello,

    I settled on a design I like on EMC, and I figured I'd share it. This farm will turn bonemeal into Potatos, Carrots or Bread while you do other things. These make a great addition to a skeleton farm, or just a nice space saving way to get veggies at home.

    If you decide to use this design, you might want to review some other villager farm videos first to understand the mechanics. They'll often have a ton of tips to keep you from running into trouble.



    EMC seems to give an activation bonus for villagers when they are in minecarts. This means this farm should stay loaded and running from much further away then most.

    Hoppers on EMC are "special". So a lot of other nano designs that try to steal away the items really fast wont work. This uses the villager throw mechanic like the big farms but without all the walking around.

    This farm is quick to build. There really isn't a lot to it.

    Important note:
    The "Hungry" villager has 8 stacks of seeds in his inventory. The "Hungry" villager is also NOT a farmer. This is a must, otherwise he could not sit on the same level as the other without the farm breaking.

    You can connect to the input or output chest to add plenty of storage. They can be stacked easily. I'd recommend keeping 3 blocks between the head of one and the feet of another to prevent them eyeballing each other. Keep them at least 18 blocks away from each other on the sides as well. If you stack it you can run the redstone up with glowstone or half slabs to reduce the hopper clock lag. Although I used glass, you can used any block type. No need for sun, 1 light block should be plenty.

    Materials used:
    26 glass
    1 solid block
    1 dirt block
    1 comparitor
    1 glowstone
    5 hoppers
    2 mine carts
    1 dispenser
    2 chests

    When Building:
    1 pick
    1 hoe
    1 bucket for water, or ice
    1 rail (to place carts)
    8 stacks of seeds (for hungry villager)
    1 stack of Potatos or Carrots (to start farm)
    2 villager eggs
    1 stick

    Let me know if you have any questions, I hope this helps some people when looking for good farm options on EMC.