Villager Defense [EVENT]

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  1. Congratulations!
    You have been invited to participate in the first Villager Holdout Alpha Testing!
    There will be two teams of four players:
    -Pine Team
    -Oak Team

    The objective of this game is simple:
    Protect your own. Survive the longest. Collect your winnings.

    Each team is given 10 villagers and some starting equipment.
    During the day you are free to roam, build, fortify and plan.
    During the night you may do those things. But if you do your villagers will die.
    And you will lose.

    Scattered throughout the world are 20 different kits. Those kits can get you very useful items when redeemed to fluffinator09.
    There are also 5 Hazard Kits. These kits can be used to do indirect damage to your opponents.

    At random times there are special events that will give special rewards if completed. Or hazards if failed.

    1) No PvP
    2) No griefing the opposing village.
    3) You may not change the pre-built buildings.
    4) You may not impede villager movement in any way.
    5) You are not allowed to build any iron doors.
    6) You are not allowed to destroy kits.
    7) Only one Hazard Kit may be used per day.
    8) Kits are completely free game
    9) No stealing from the opposing village

    The game will start at 7 PM EST!
  2. Morning bump!
  3. I'll join oak team :3
    I should be able to make it.
  4. You have been added :)
  5. I shall also join the oak team.
  6. Can I join pine team, I should be able to make it
    Also where is this?
  7. This will be on my server, also I have had to move the time to 7 PM EST. Will this affect anyone?
  8. Can I join oak please :)
  9. I cant do it any more because that is 12 am where I am.
    Unless this is 5 EST or earlier I cant take part :(
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  10. Sorry man, weather had to kick my times back
  11. I should still be able to make it not sure
  12. I want to join the Pine team plz :D.
  13. Not sure I can make it any more, sorry :(
  14. All changes have been made :)
  15. Still need two people!
  16. Please join promptly at 7 :)

    While both teams are short a player the game will still be even because it will be a 3v3.
  17. Hey people, join.
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  18. I had fun :)
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  19. I would love to see this happen again some time in the future, along with some more improvements such as limited and separated area.
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