Villager breeding issues

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  1. this is knowledge from what I’ve read, not what I’ve done since I haven’t created any breeders in years…

    I believe one of the issues is the villagers are only pathfinding to one of the beds and not all your beds. Most designs I’ve seen leave a 1 block gap between the beds and any walls + a block gap between the trapdoor hole and the beds.

    it might also be that the upper trapdoor is blocking the view to path to the beds, maybe try to filter the babies inversely by placing a trapdoor at the bottom. As seen in this picture.

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  2. My breeder is a similar design to what Tuq posted. I will build one in the waste close to a spawn point to see how it works outside of town.
  3. I can show you what I have that works when you are on if you like.
  4. I observed villagers in town that are not breeding.
    Requested in chat if anyone else was having the issue and Warwick responded. Which led to this thread. Apologies for the late comment.

    And yes - EMC hates trapdoors. If they ever work, don't touch anything!!! Once in a while someone gets them to work, but they are really finicky.

    I have a "natural" breeder. Farm area of wheat, 2 farmers and 2 other villagers (masons so I remember not to egg them but irrelevant to breeding) and a total of 24 beds, 1 bell and 3 air blocks. This is an established area that has been breeding for multiple updates.

    Currently no hearts, no lightning, no babies for a week (I think). Yes to breaking, replacing all the beds. Food is being thrown and retrieved. Entc is 48/100

    This Villager Whisperer is stumped.
  5. I decided to rebuild further out and go ultra-simple just to rule out any possible issue. Still no luck.
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  6. So I built the same breeder I have at my res and it doesn't work just like Warwick and Katy have experienced. The one at my res is still working just fine. If you want to see the basic farm, SMP3 Waste Center just a few blocks from spawn out the North entrance (1-block wide path to the right or go around the hill to the right). The blocks are unprotected if wanted to play with it further. Glad to send you some eggs Warwick. Wish it worked out for you.
  7. I still have some eggs, but thank you TECtock. I just wanted to expand my trading hall sustainably, which is 10k+ blocks from an outpost. If anyone else can verify breeding mechanics are broken in the wild/waste that would be great. I do believe we've got a legitimate server-side issue.
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  8. But I see you are getting hearts at least.
    Very very interesting.
  9. Hearts yes, also getting storm clouds after a while. Some condition is not being met.
  10. Ok, so this is the exact setup I use:

    It works so well I had to remove the 4 beds to turn it off. I put them back for these screenshots and immediately the villagers had another child. I don't know if I'm just lucky or not, but I've never had to break the beds after eggifying. This is in town also. So that may affect things tho it really shouldn't.
    I did need to make sure the two parents claimed the brown beds before I placed the blue ones, that was important for this, I remember.

    Also, I don't know why this is still going around but doors no longer have anything to do with villages. So you can safely remove them.
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  11. I thought storm clouds after hearts means that you're standing too close and invading their privacy.
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  12. Just means a breeding attempt has failed for any of a number of reasons.
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