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  1. I like doing everything the hard way. I know I can buy villager eggs but I wanted to know how breeding works. So I opted to try to get myself some villagers by making them breed.

    Problem is, they make hearts but no babies, and they dont go in the structure at night.

    The structure is 5 doors by 3 doors, cobble top and bottom, each corner has plank block pillars. There are leaf blocks around the roof edge for sunlight but keeping creepers/zombies out, so no area is exposed to full sunlight but clear blocks should be enough I thought.

    So, Why do they go into love mode but produce no babies?
  2. Doors are what you need - loads of them :D
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  3. Neither reply is really helpful. Kry maybe didnt even read my post. I've got 16 doors and only 2 villagers, so I'm expecting to see them breed up to at least 5, maybe 6.

    Blockaroni I built the thing with that page open on the 2nd monitor and didnt see anywhere it says about them going into love mode with the hearts together but not producing children.
  4. Villagers can't be force-bred. That's just wrong. They will breed, however on their own.
  5. I can help you make an infinite villager breeder. But you will need more than 16 doors. They will not reproduce instantly it takes sometime. But you need to stay in the radius/chunk that they are in order for the breeding to start.
  6. Yeah, I'm not looking for a lot of them but a few would be nice. Been with them overnight for 3 days and nights now, seen them create the hearts twice but never a baby.

    They seem to be hiding inside it at night now, but still no breeding.
  7. I suggest a bed, a dark room, and some flowers.
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  8. Head over to smp2 at my third res, I will be glad to show you my infinite breeder.
  9. No. just... no.
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