Villager breeders stopped working after the servers upgraded to 1.7.8

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  1. I work with a couple of infinite villager spawners in the wild on SMP3, they're used to populate a couple of villager trading halls. Both stopped producing baby villagers after the update. I still see plenty of hearts, but no babies, and I've heard from other players saying that their spawners no longer produce villagers either. Did the villager spawning criteria change as part of the upgrade?
  2. The one I use on utopia seems to still work last I checked.. I'll get back to you tzg. ;)
  3. is your entcount solid? has any lighting levels changed? the render distance has for emc so maybe that has somethign to do with it, have you tried trading with one of them?
  4. There's been no change to the environment (same light level, etc.). I stood about 6 blocks away today and watched them for an hour to confirm that they weren't putting out babies, even though I could see plenty of hearts. Entity count (E on the F3 screen) fluctuates around 160 give or take about 5. In times past I have run the entity count up around 190 (prior to the update) and could still see baby villagers being produced.

    I haven't attempted to trade with them yet, they're all bunched up in a single block so I wouldn't be able to trade with many of them without spreading them out first.
  5. My villager breeder still works, make sure your top villager is still there, if you're using a similar design.
  6. do the /entcount command to see if you are below the limit
  7. current entcount is 138/250 (animals 117, monsters 21). Most of the animals are my villagers.

    The lone villager is still in front of the 6 doors. I have the doors a few levels below the breeder villagers rather than above, but the presence of the hearts indicates that they recognize the village. I've generated a couple hundred villagers using this breeder, it just stopped working after the 1.7.8 update. The second breeder was being built about the same time as the update. We got a few baby villagers out of it and then it stopped as well. I don't remember if the babies arrived before or just after the update, but all indications are that the update somehow affected these breeders.
  8. I should reiterate that these breeders are in the wild, so there's no 100 entitiy limit.
  9. Mine stopped working in town after the update. Res was only used for villager spawning, so I reset it and constructed a new spawner. Works fine now. Of course, you don't have that ability in the wild, but the issue may be related, whatever caused it.
  10. yeah sometimes you just gotta rebuild it
  11. I'll bet that's why, I'm sure I've got more than 90 villagers. I'll eggify a bunch of my breeding stock and see if it resumes
  12. So, reading the (resolved) issue, I understand that this is intended. Am I right?
  13. It was deployed, meaning villagers do not breed over 90 entities, as stated on the bug tracker.
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  14. Just to close out this thread, I killed off some animals I had in nearby pens and eggified several of my breeding villager stock to get the /entcount animal count down below 90, and they started breeding again. Thanks again QuarterStop for finding that update note and sharing it here.
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  15. If you put villagers outside the breeder it counts as them in a breeder
  16. No problem mate :) Enjoy your villagers!
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