Villager Breeder Won't Work

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  1. I built a villager breeder that impulseSV designed ( and it worked perfectly on his video. However, on my res (/v 4211 villager on smp2) it does not work at all. I gave each villager (both farmers) 5 stacks of potatoes to jump-start the process. Nothing is happening though. Here are some pictures of the design. I followed the video instructions to the tee. I have also been afk there all day and nothing has happened.

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. are you sure no other "village" is to close to you
  3. I had a similar setup, which worked. I ended up removing the hole for the kids to fall in, since I just egg them randomly when I get back. But it has been working pretty well, for me... It can be seen on SMP3 /v 6873
  4. I had a similar setup as well, it worked, just slowly.
  5. I don't think that will help, but Ill do that because it makes sense. Would adding more villagers speed up the process?
  6. So, I added 10 more villagers and removed the water system. There are hearts now! I have no idea why that worked though :p
  7. If I recall from the wiki the cap on villagers in a village is based on the number of 'rooms' so unless you add more 'rooms', they may hit that cap and stop.
  8. what defines a room and how would i add more?
  9. A room, if I recall, was a door that was open to the sky/sun on one side, and had a block over on the other side.
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  10. We're bypassing the "room" need, by placing the single villager down in the pit, with the six doors (three of which are under direct sunlight). Each villager requires 3 doors to feel as though there's enough space for them in the village. By having the villager and the 6 doors, 7 blocks beneath (or 10 blocks above?) the rest of the villagers, we trick the "village" into assuming there's always room for one more, because of how the math works in how they detect each other. I don't know exactly why it works like that, but it's a trigger.

    It feels as though it increases the odds, to me, but I haven't charted it out or anything. It takes more food to keep them going, as well, so I usually get cycles where they're breeding like mad, then everything slows down for a bit (farming), then it picks up again.
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