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  1. Okay so I have started to build a village in the wild, it's on a little island and it is 5 minecraft days away from the outpost, it would be nice to have some resedents on it I am happy to have up to 6/8 maximum people living on it do it will be pretty secure and hard to be found by un wanted players becouse of the location. The glory of this to most players is that becouse it is on the new server most players don't have a resedence there so you can remain in the wild permenatly on smp9 as you have no business in town there and use a different server for your needs in town so you never have to leave the wild, it is all lit well and it is an island so there won't be any endermen stalking you :p . I won't accept new members as they may be grithers unless they can prove somthing epic they have done to show themselfs as trustworthy, other wise post your details below ( what server you are on, what is your resedence adress, and what you will build e.g tower) if anybody could build a grinder for us i will make them second in charge! I will PM the location to any player who wants land in the village just post your details and show your interested below ;)
  2. You realise people only have to click your name on the Live Map to see where it is?

    If you want to have a safe Wild village, I suggest you get Iron Supporter so you can do /map hide on the Live Map.
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  3. It doesn't show you I don't think so far out/ doesn't show the landscape
  4. Newo, The landscape on the livemap shows for any region that chunks have been created for. This means that any place that was pregenerated such as the 5 'circle' regions that Justin created when he rest the wilderness as well as any new area outside of those pregenerated sections where any player has visited at least one time will show on the livemap.
    The other thing to note is that as a free member, you don't have the option of hiding yourself from the livemap, meaning that if you are logged on, anyone that clicks your name on the right hand menu will instantly be taken to your current location. If you become a supporting member, you can hide yourself on the livemap to conceal the location of your wilderness outpost.
  5. Yea Newo, you could be 100,000 blocks out and people will be able to see the trail to get there, and your name whenever you are logged on.
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  6. I am planning on upgrading my account soon it is just that my money is desperately needed somwere else that is more important that a game
  7. Ok I now have a dock brick path and a public mine added it is a good time for sombody to join!
  8. It's going to get griefed. I don't know how but it will. no one respects anything in the wild anymore. I say this because you used to be able to build in the wild without getting griefed wayyy back when there was just :(
  9. ill join give me ( in private message ) the x and y cordinates and ill come
  10. I'll join xD
  11. I HIGHLY Suggest that you DON'T tell anyone which server your base is on. I would remove that portion :)
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  12. Ok I'll get you the x, y,z co-ordinates when I'm online today
  13. hmm doesn't seem like your acceptance policy sticks very well... you ask people to post their details yet they don't and you're accepting them.

    FWIW, anyone who has iron, gold or diamond should be accepted if you were willing; anyone who isn't should be at least checked out but I'm not you.
  14. I have, I have gone around and checked there site profiles and there resedences, but yes people haven't been aplying properly :(
  15. i can do a lot for the town. firstly i can supply with potions and weapons. secondly i can trap the entire island so noone can break in.( i love you tnt,baby!) thirdly i have a mob and xp grinder so i can supply with enchanted stuff. and the last reason is i am EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

    i am on smpnine.
    pm me if u want me in...
  16. OK.... NO sorry but this thread is OLD... no one especially diamonds supporters should know better than to bump old threads..... plus everything you said you had... we have more than double.. also traps are a VERY bannable offense.
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  17. also just because this is now on active forums WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANYONE..
  18. U NO BUMP THIS:mad: