The Empire Army apllication form (new group all members welcome)

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  1. ok im not aiming on making this one of the major EMC groups i thought i would create this group to help players have some fun. Im happy for any player here to join:D just post your details bellow e.g
    applying for position=leather
    if you are going to apply pls read the whole post first! This thred is for applications only only post here to apply, as long as you are not applying to become a member that is gold or more (explained later) you are a member instantly without confermation, i have created a website to share data dont post anything personal on there or any locations as it is public.

    aims or this group

    this group has been set up as a way to share creations and commence build prodjects in town. In the wild the group will play a slightly diffrent role, other more experianced members can help new members adapt to surviving and mob fighting in minecraft. The best thing of this group, which of i think several players dream off, is communal grinders. I can say that there are no such grinders yet, thats why im asking any members who have one to step foward, that member will become the co-owner of the group due to their valuble contributation. Before any member is given the location to the base and the grinder they must take a test, i will allocate a senior member a new member to look after and that senior member shall give a task to the new member to prove his loyalty so we can feel safe to tell that member our location via being private messaged on empire minecraft fourms.

    the empire army rules

    if you are reported by any sorce to have been missbehaving in anyway e.g grithing or stealing, even if there is litle evidence, you will be perminantly excluded from the group.

    you will try to contribute if you dont respond/co-operate with the group, we will mark your account as dead, or if you are on the commite/moderator and you havent been active we will lower your rank.

    you will have fun and learn new things, well if you dont then whats the point in being in the group?

    if you have somthing epic your constructing other members shall help you, and if you ask newo88 he will make a page here on it for you!

    types of members

    i will use a simple system to show the ranks of members, every member will wear a pair of leather boots in-game, and basic members will wear a leather hat as well as boots, basic members are members who are new members or just normal members on the EMC forums. Then an iron hat is for members that are well known members or suporters. Then a gold hat is for members on the commite and administrators, then finaly a diamond hat is for the co-owners, if you want to become a co-owner you need to voulnter a grinder.
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  2. i want at lest 4 members and a grinder to move our into the wild and one of those members has to have a gold hat level!
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  3. If there are any groups wanting to join forces they are welcome
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  4. You have terrible grammar, more people would probably join if you spelled right and acted more mature.
  5. Your image failed
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  6. /thread pset 333kirby flame false

    Please be more kind in your next post, for all we know he is 10 and "not that mature"
  7. Ok so my attempt failed then :/
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  8. I'm still happy if anybody whats to join?
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  9. it's called dyslexia and how is that immature?
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  10. You might want to try telling people on servers
  11. Or join the delta team :)
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  13. Um excuse the reply box whent funny, the last bit is what I typed
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  14. Ohh well i meant u could try to go on smp2 or something and say if someone wants to be a part of the thing
  15. I did not mean any offense by my statement. I just meant that if you act more maturely (talking to people in general, not YOU specifically) more people would want to join your groups or be around you. Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a crying 2-year old.
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  16. Personally I think this is a great idea except for how you are going to show who is in your group and who isn't. Maybe I love wearing leather boots and gold helmets, does that mean I'm in the group? Hahaha, I think that is the one thing that you need to rethink.
  17. He does not sound like a baby, just someone who has a good idea and want people to join
  18. I just thought of that as a good way to recognise people's ranks in-game
  19. I am not saying that he specifically sounds like a baby. Notice, I said earlier: "Personally I think this is a great idea..."