Views on the new Star Wars Movie?

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  1. So, as many know, the second teaser trailer for The Force awakens was released a couple days ago.

    You can find it here if you haven't seen it yet

    Many think it will be similar to the prequels, but everyone knows they were god awful. Lucasfilm and J.J. Abrams better get ready if they want to make this movie worth all the hype it has gotten so far.

    But what are you're views on it?
  2. The storm troopers look odd :D
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  3. Thats the new stormtrooper helmet, an updated model that looks way more modern but also less menacing than the original one.
  4. Yea. We did a star wars play in our school this year :D
  5. I'm very, very, skeptical about the new movies. But I'll also be the first to say that this might be because of my age. Well, that and because the first three movies are very hard to "top". In fact, in my opinion all Lucas did was ruin them when he finally released them to DVD, making me cherish my VHS tapes a whole lot more (I have the original trilogy on VHS and also the "Extended version". However; when looking at the changes on the DVD I'd say the VHS "extended version" is quite mild on that part).

    I lived Return of the Jedi. When the trailers and previews came out my friends and me were quite excited. And if I have to be perfectly honest it was because of two reasons.. Leia looked extremely sexy and that was something we talked about at school (no comments ;)) and the film itself also worked pretty well where suspense and all that was concerned. I'm still not sure in which order I should put this because both left quite the impression (I was a teenage boy at that time ;)).

    Anyway, I don't really hate the prequels, even saw Phantom Menace 3 times in the cinema, but I also don't think too highly of them either. They were decent entertainment, but left me unsatisfied. For example; the eventual downfall of Anakin was way too rushed for my liking making it very unbelievable and a wee bit silly. What bothered me the most was how they took the easy way out with regards to the storyline by referring to events which allegedly happened around part II but which we never got to see. You know.. "Remember what you told me about your mother and the sand people?", which of course we didn't. They should have started the sway to the dark side in Episode II but instead they chose to rush it in III. Which I think is sloppy and left me quite unsatisfied.

    (also because I was hoping to see Darth Vader in action while wearing the black suit).

    So as to the new movies?

    I think they're going to try and re-use a lot of the existing material. You can see one example in the trailer; Han Solo and Chewbacca are back. "Surprisingly" enough also the more popular duo in the first 3 movies... So the Empire got defeated and what do we get? More tie fighter chases, more storm trooper fights and...

    When I see those trailers I cannot help think "wow, more of the same things which we already saw in the originals and which the audience was hoping for in the prequels".

    Once again I need to stress out that I could be cynical because of my age and because I lived the original 3 movies (well, at least Empire & Jedi). But the problem is that I've seen just too many Hollywood movies get totally ruined by their sequels. Or worse: get awesome cartoons and / or books ruined (personal opinion!) by their movies counterparts. Its one of the reasons I never saw Lord of Rings and why I also have no intention in doing so. The only movie I did see was the animated version of the Hobbit which I think was pretty good, it stayed true to the storyline. But any other than that; the modern stuff... No thanks.

    The real question however is another one... Will these movies be entertaining? Well, I wouldn't be surprised if they'll end up becoming a lot more popular than the prequels. For the simple reason that many people like more of the same, especially if 'same' was something good. So if they manage to "redo" Star Wars a little bit... I guess it could catch on.

    I know one thing though; I won't be seeing these in the cinema but will wait for the DVD to get released instead ;)

    Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if Han & Chewbacca wouldn't survive Episode VII.
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  6. I like Star Wars but the 3rd one (technically the sixth, I guess? Revenge of the Sith ... whatever that one was) scared the freaking life outta me, so ... yeah. I wonder what this new trilogy will even be about.
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  7. Completely agree, it seems like they wanted to stick to the original idea of producing them in Trilogies, therefore they had to sorta rush the last bit

    But I guess the only cool bit was Darth Maul, unfortunately he dies in the first movie as well :(
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  8. The trailer looks pretty cool. But, my old favorite TV show, Star wars the clone wars, stopped producing new episodes because of

    D-I-S-N-E-Y :(
  9. There's a new Start Wars movie?
  10. yeah, and a new game
  11. Yep. It's causing aggression and battles around the world. :p
  12. OK, I won't spout off all my opinions, but the 3 originals were the best. I'm just not into CGI. You just can't beat puppets. The Jabba in Return of the Jedi was convincing and pretty amazing. It was real tactile material and slime. CGI just ruined it! It looks like a computer image of animation. Animation is great when it is just animation. Mix it with real and it looks out of place.

    Secondly, sometimes it is better to have allusion to a back story. That's it, just allude to it. Don't then go back and make the back story. Then, when there is a happy ending. I think you probably have the same situation. Leave it there.

    We'll see. I'll probably watch them anyway, but I won't anticipate it much. Not like Return of the Jedi!
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  13. Hey, I know you Owl.
  14. I am not a Star Wars person, so i have no Comment, but i do like Space Balls. Ha, that's a classic.
  15. I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the new Stormtrooper helmets... But I'll definitely be watching them, I liked the original movies and want to see how it plays out. I'm not sure what twists they'll be putting on the film but I have a feeling they'll still be worth watching, even if they are not as good as the originals :)
  16. Yep. :)