Videos on the forums and maps in the frontier

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    1. Youtube videos posted on the forums with a custom start time will not obey it, and will start from the beginning. Is that a bug or a missing feature?
    2. Some maps in my outpost (smp5) are not updating at all. I removed them from their walls and brought them to the area I wanted to update, but nothing changed. Bug?
  1. i think maps only show what you first imprinted on them? at least that is what i had thought before.. and to "update" a map you just had to make another.

    though i am no expert xD
  2. That works when they are away from the place where you made them, but as soon as you brought them back they should update.
  3. The maps magically updated themselves, so now there's just the youtube thing. Is it possible to do that and I'm just doing something wrong, or is it really a missing feature on the forums?
  4. Embedded videos on the forums don't support custom start time :(
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