[video] To all you Promo collectors!

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  1. Oh my god... Why didn't I think of this?
  2. This makes me cringe, cry, and throw my laptop out the window all at the same time.
  3. tbh he makes a profit if he just sold a DC of diamonds (like 1/3 of the pick) at 65r each he'd get 224,640 and you can do that 3 times but obviously minus the ore price.
    Edit: where did you get all the ore o.o
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  4. hax
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  5. Hay! looky there, my res was in the video for 2 seconds :D So thats what you where doing lol
  6. How much did the 14 stacks cost? :)
  7. a lot :p
  8. But did you get a profit out of this?
  9. not really, was just a joke for some friends
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  10. Cool video.
    Here is how I look at it.
    I do the math of diamond drop rate difference from Fortune V to Fortune III.
    Then I compare the price difference from Fortune V to Fortune III.
    Next I see how many ores I can break with the pick, and then you will know how many more diamonds you will get using an Ore Buster versus a Fortune III Unbreaking III diamond pick.
    Then multiply extra diamonds by diamond price and you get the extra value that an ore buster brings as compared to the best vanilla Fortune III pick.
    Bottom line, Ore Busters are great, but remember to compare to Fortune III.
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  11. *CRIES*
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  12. ill do this again soon with a different ore to another ore buster :p
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  13. </3
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  14. Was watching this at school. Nice vid! :D
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  15. >.>
    Dear god why.
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  16. Because people sitting upon DCs of ore busters need to live a little on the wild side :p
  17. xD Glad I ain't one of them, just I think this way, the orebusters that are left will get much higher in price. o3o
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