[Video] The 1.5 Redstone Update

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  1. A little video to show what you can do in 1.5. Most of the features of 1.5 are represented but there is more :p
    Thanks for watching!

    Thanks to OrigamiJoe, Ahzeriel, sonicol1, PortalShoo2er, T1zzle120, Jcplugs, Dwight5273, Eklektoi, jrlizard, Southpark347, deathtomb8953, sqiggleyjeff, Alexchance, Agent_Creeper23, Pro_G4ngst4, GameKribJim
  2. Mmmm , 1.5 is gonna be exciting
  3. Awesome Video Konnichiwaroo
  4. I thought anvils would fall if they weren't supported. (@ 1:45-ish) How do you get them to um.. not fall?
  5. Those are all hoppers :D
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  6. Hee, well, they sure look alike, lol. :D
  7. Nice, Looks like a fun update!
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  8. Thanks everybody :D Yes 1.5 is gonna be awesome!
  9. That's an awesome picture.
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  10. Good work! Wild trailer next? :D :p
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  11. Great Video! :D
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  12. I have been watching over and over still amazing just like the EMC promotional video ;D
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  13. Thank you T1z :D You were an amazing melon in the video (at 1:21)
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  14. -=1.5 Update=-
    1.5 is expected to come out on 3/13/13. That's the day after tomorrow! :)
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  15. Did you get my message heyaroo?
  16. Nice movie reference
  17. Which movie?
  18. The nice picture one? Thanks :D or..?