[IDEA] New EMC Promo Video

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  1. So as all of you know, heyaroo made a fabulous EMC promo video. I would like to make another for fun. This will most likely be longer and have a lot of reses that are featured.
    If you would like your res shown off in the video post saying the res and server.
    Now before anyone goes "OMFG YO:UR CoPING HeYAR000!!!!" No I want my mine to be different and original.
    I will also be playing songs during clips so I want to know some party songs that are upbeat.
    Like for example The Wanted's Chasing the Sun or Moves Like Jagger.
    Just have them be fun!
    I think a mini harlem shake for each SMP is required :rolleyes: so when that happens I will just have everyone gather at a res.
    Below is a list of reses that will be shown in the video.
  2. I would volunteer my res for smp7, 14859. This sounds like a good idea, hope you find good ways to differ it from heyroo's also awesome one.
  3. Harlem shake? NO
    Also, you could check out my res smp7 14751
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  4. If you want to be different't, make one based around the wild.
  5. Lol I mean everyone gets together and just says hi to the camera :p
  6. Hmm I may have some wild clips but I'll have to think about it.
  7. Let's not start calling the act of getting together and saying hi a mini-harlem shake. :p
  8. ok
  9. when are you gonna make this video? because if i'm given enough time I will have my res completed with a really cool building and also in the wilderness I have a cool creation started if you want to film some of that to show that it's not just about town, it can be about the wilderness too.
  10. Hopefully in April I will be filming clips.
  11. Ok i think that will give me enough time to finish my builds.
  12. I got a really nice wild base castle you could show
  13. Res 849, SMP1
    Res 12007 SMP6
    And the big wool pic on the back of 5008 on Utopia :)
  14. Ok can more people post in here I want some more feedback on my idea for the video.
  15. OMFG YO:UR CoPING HeYAR000!!!!


    My Res: SMP5 - 10417
  16. Lol