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  1. What is a homework? is it that stuff teachers assign to you that i never bothered doing cuz i go to school to learn...not to go home and continue to learn?
  2. It has been a long time since I have seen a video this cool!

  3. I may not be from Michigan or even the U.S. but I think this would and will make anyone mad! Watch it and you will understand.
  4. bullying stuff...sigh :/ I was bullied and Did my fair share of bullying. I myself see both sides of it and see it as a necessary evil.Yes, words can hurt,but they are only mere words.
  5. Lol the kids that get bullied most of the time are so retarded that they provoke the bullying ive never seen someone get bullied in my school just cause we have strict rules and people get kicked out for stuff like that. Oh and once someone stole money from a guy in my class.. the next day he had a broken arm ^^ imo that should be the law for stealing.. Real consequences for stupid behavior !
  6. There was a kid in my first school that purposely wound people up so he got himself into trouble and got hurt. Some people do it to themselves. And I agree with that idea on laws. I believe that theifs should have a finger cut off, paedophiles should have themselves.. sterilized (sexual assault too) and muderers- death sentance. Capital punishment ftw, woop. :)
  7. one step further this world is filled with to much weakness ignorance and filth...use forced labor for offenders! or some other things for the bettering of man kind (ex.human test subjects,then maybe diseases will finally have cures!) :D
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  8. Rats are good enough for most testing really, because their genetic structures very similar to ours (no point wasting human life) and I don't know about over there, but here in the UK, theres a shortage of jobs so having people working for nothing would be counterproductive. I'm sure there's some application of this idea that'd be good though.. But I'm not sure what.
  9. That was done only when Hitler was alive we no longer have to be stupid animals !
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  10. i still think humanity is stupid...just not as stupid as back then. how did i know after putting what i put hitler would get brought up.... *sigh* :/
  12. How could I forget this!

  13. This is the reason i cant go home for Xmas :( have to be on call for this thing to land
  14. Amazing video you got there. I really enjoyed it. :)
  15. Best to remove said information here...