Video sharing time :O

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  1. Share some awesome videos to kill some time =]
    Only youtube !

    This is a youtube channel that me and a few friends made, I am in very few videos as I am mainly the camera man, but still enjoy. It is a ton of stupid comedy that no one but us really understands :D but it is still awesome!

    EDIT: As you can probably tell, lots of retarded stuff, and messed up comedy! :D
  3. Lmfao, that is awesome!
  4. Warning! This one is a bit rude - not for kids. :)
  5. Dont yo have parents LOL !

  6. Was I bored? Or Was I just thinking critically?
    I made this video out of boredom. :D
    Why did I just realize I made this video a year ago?
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  7. Kinda answered your own question there, lol. ^^,
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  8. That was the point! XD
  9. Awhh, now i feel stupid. :p
  10. You sir are amazing !
  11. Why thank you. :D
    I have plenty more video ideas in mind, but school likes to steal me, and throw me into a box full of homework.
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  12. Lol in my country if you say something about homework everyone would laugh at you xD (lets say 70% of us dont do that)
  13. XD
    I get 1-2 homework assignments in nearly every subject every day. This is why weekends are like heaven. :)
  14. Coolest video i could possibly find !
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  15. It's good, but the original is the best. :)

  16. omnomnomnom <3 food
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  17. Hah! Epic Meal Time! Always been a fan. Reminds me..

    This is a video from Corridor Digital. Enjoy!
    I love Corridor Digital and Freddie Wong! I look up to them, and learn a lot from what they do.