[Video] [Mod Review] Lucky block mod

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  1. Hey guys, Adin here. I need to get you youtube name out there more, youtube.com/AdinDoesGaming and what is a better way than to share it with you guys! Here is a video!

  2. Wow, your FOV :p
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  3. Yes. It is good for parkour
  4. Thanks for the tip lol :D
  5. wow you're actually really good, guess who just got another subscriber?
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  6. Thank you so much! :)
  7. Oh I actually ment pewdiepie, but I guess I could subscribe to you too.:D
  8. Agreed, a great video
  9. Don't mess with bob.
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  10. You should post a download link. You might have another subscriber after that.
  11. I saw the giant, and was like, "Hey! A momentus!"
    Then I was like, "Oh... wait..."
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  12. There is one now. The other link didn't work :p
    You know your obsessed with EMC when....
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  13. My younger brother is obsessed with this.