[Video] Look what IcecreamCow Did!

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  1. Look what he was doing today!

    (Video is uploading it will show up as soon as it's done)

  2. Second
    (Why are we doing this)
  3. Video unavailable for u guys to?
  4. He did say in the op that the video is still uploading and will be available when it is done uploading.
  5. Ah...what did he do?!
  6. He killed a whole bunch of cows... Even some babies!
  7. Smacking cows off a building
  8. Omg... cannibalism!
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  9. I believe that's when you eat it.
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    ICC Cow Massacre (insert day here)

    Never Forget
  11. The (bovine) humanity!
  12. You missed the part where bigdavie and icc trap me in a box and world edit out the ground beneath me, which results in my plummeting into the void.

  13. He's planning a cow invasion but he's killing off the good cows
  14. tsk tsk lol
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  15. *17th
    My God, at least get it right.